No Packing List this year – but still about time to prepare for a course! 

At this time of year we usually publish a packing list to help with suggestions and ideas of useful things to bring to the Summer Course. This year is very different, no Summer Course in Nossebro but a Summer Course online – SOL. You do not need a packing list for an online course, but nonetheless it is good to prepare yourself for the course. Here we give some suggestions of how to prepare yourself to get the most out of the course.:

Administration: Enrol and pay for the course well before the first day. Make sure that your application for time off has been submitted and approved. This is a way of avoiding unnecessary stress.

Practical things: When the adminstration is done it might be a good idea to focus on the practical side of things. Co-ordinate with the rest of the family so that everyone knows that you are taking part in a course during the time the practise takes place and ask them not to disturb you during those hours. Plan the days to avoid stress before and after practise, have some free time before and after. Pick a calm spot where you can practise undisturbed, preferably at the same place every day. Find your qigong shoes and put up your qigongpictures to create a harmonic ambience. 

The feeling: Everyone taking part in SOL has participated earlier in one or several of our Summer Courses. One way to prepare to practise together again can be to remember the feeling of being at the Summer Course. Recall nice memories, take out the group photos from years past or look at the postings in the blog from last years Summer Course. To look forward to a course can help us to get more out of the course.

Your aims: During the Summer Course we usually focus on what we want to achieve by practising. You might want to be calmer, more supple, concentrate better or some other improvements of your health. Focus on that which is important to you and wish that you will get it. That might help us to keep our motivation and get us faster to what we want to get.

A nice midsummer to all of you and we will meet at SOL!

So Nice That Many Choose to Share Their Photos With Us!

Many thanks for sending us your lovely images of spring from near and far! It is nice to know we still have our Qigong community in these times. To all of you curious about the photos we received – here is a sample of them!

A Grebe is lying comfortably.
A Grebe is lying comfortably.

A Grebe is lying comfortably. 

A Wood Anemone in Gävle.

View from a stoney beach in Öland.

The sky above a Cherry tree in Öland.

Rainbow magic in Oslo.

Beech forest in the Royal Park of Rosersberg.

Bird life in Gothenburg.

A Gull is having a quiet swim in Tyresö.

Landscape view in England.

Share the Signs of Spring!

In many ways it is a very different and trying spring this year. When the situation drains your energy one way of taking care of yourself is to focus on something nice that can give you positive energy. Of course it is not the same for everybody but one thing that most of us like to do at this time of the year is to watch for the signs of approaching spring that are appearing more and more now. Some of us do not have the opportunity to be outside as much as usual and most of us can no longer can go on longer excursions or travel. Because of that we would like to share with you some photos of signs of spring and also to invite those who have your own photos of the new season, e.g. from your garden, to mail them to us at to be published here on the homepage. In that way we can share beautiful signs of spring from the Nordic countries and from England!

Another way of giving yourself positive energy is to keep up your practis of Qigong. The best practise is the one that you actually do and here our new online practise can be a greate help. To have one or more sessions booked makes it more likely that you will acually practise. Apart from excellent practise, several who have tried experience a good feeling of practising together when we are up to 150 participants in the same session. One participant said ”It helps a lot. Both the feeling of having a lot of Qigong friends out there and the practise itself.” Click here to read more about our online practise.

Summer- and Winter Course Training in Gothenburg

The Winter and Summer Courses are two longer residential courses that we hold on a yearly basis. Every year we also offer addiitional training courses where we focus on the movements and practise learned on the longer courses. So we have “Winter Course Training” where we practise what we were taught during the Winter Course and “Summer Course Training” where we focus on what we were taught during the Summer Courses.

These courses alternate each year between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Last time they were held in Gothenburg where we practised in a very nice dance studio situated in Majorna. The studio was filled during a well-attended course.

Click here to read more about our residential courses.

Photo from the Winter Course Training, which took place at the beginning of November. During the many breaks, cups of tea were served in a room behind the studio.

A couple of photo from the Summer Course Training this year, which took place shortly after New Year´s Day. During the course the training hall was filled to capacity by the 70 participants.

A course in EasyCare for the Eyes took place one evening during the Summer Course training.

Our Residential Courses

Some of our courses are residential courses where we eat and live together. The courses contain quite a lot of practise and since you leave ”the everyday world” you have the possibility to focus more on practising and consequently obtain better results. Since there is time for socialising, if you want to, several participants have found new friends. The possibility to combine holiday with practising is also very popular.

These are our yearly residential courses:

The Winter Course

During the Winter Course in Karlskoga we mainly practise Shenxin Qigong and we practise a lot! We live and eat at Karlskoga folkhögskola. You can choose between a mattress in a dormitory or a single or double room. The Winter Course takes place in week 8 and lasts 6-9 days.


The training trip to Spanish Almuñécar is a combined training and holiday trip. We stay in a hotel with a sea view and practise on the beach in the morning to the background sound of the rolling waves. Half-day is practise and the rest is holiday. One day we arrange an excursion and you can participate if you feel like it. Due to the availability of space in the hotel family members are welcome to come even if they do not participate in the course.

The Summer Course

The Summer Courses are our biggest courses. Here we are a great many who live and practise together. We practise a lot but there is also time to meet new and old friends. The courses take place in Nossebro in Västergötland and they start on the Monday after midsummer. During Summer Course 1 we focus on Hold Qi Up and during Summer Course 2 we practise Xing Shen Zhuang. In all we can practise for 18 days running.

The Autumn Courses

Every year we arrange Autumn Courses in Finland as well as in Norway. Usually we arrange them as residential courses. They are four day long practising courses where we mainly practise Hold Qi Up. They are open for anybody who has attended a basic Hold Qi Up course.

Summer Course Training and EasyCare – Eyes in Gothenburg 2020

Now it´s possible to sign up for the Summer Course training in Gothenburg – a five day course that is open for participants who have joined our Summer Course. The course takes place 2-6 January 2020. We arrange the course every second year in Stockholm respectively Gothenburg, this year it´s Gothenburg’s turn to host the course. Click here to sign up for the course.

During the Summer Course training, the fourth of January, we arrange the course EasyCare – eyes. Which is a short and effective training that only takes a few minutes to practise. The course focuses on the eyes but it will affect the whole body. The course last for about one hour. The training can, among other things, prevent work related injuries. Click here to read more about this.

EasyCare – eyes is open for those who have joined any of our courses such as basic courses of Hold Qi Up and Shenxin Qigong. Click here to sign up for the course.

Warm welcome!

A picture from  the previous Summer Course Training Course we held in Gothenburg, 2017
On this picture you can see the participants of the previous Summer Course Training we held in Gotenburg, the participants is doing  Hold Qi Up

A well-filled training hall. Pictures from the course the last time it was arranged in Gothenburg.

Hold Qi Up in Alingsås, Bollnäs and Nybro – Nice Atmosphere and Many Improvements


This term we have, among other things, held basic courses i Hold Qi up in Alingsås, Nybro och Bollnäs. In Alingsås they held a basic course for the fifth time. The atmosphere during the course was nice and several participants said that they had felt calmness and joy. One group continues their evening group training together once a week.

Several participants reported that they had experienced improvements during the course, one participant said: ”Last winter I had an accident which led to my having one leg amputated below the knee. During this course I have managed to stand with my prosthesis during the whole of Hold Qi Up. It feels like a big step forward.”

Read the report from the course here:

alingsås qigongkurs lyft upp qi september 2019

The training group during the course in Alingsås


In Bollnäs the course was held in Björktjära skola. The majority of the participants lived in the vicinity but a few had travelled to the course. Afterwards several of the participants told about the long term effects of Qigong, e.g. more energy, less pain and better mental state in the ordinary life with less anger and anxiety.

Two participants also told of positive effects from this year’s Summer Course. One said: ”After this years Summer Course I have felt so calm and contented, in a very agreeable way.”

Another participant told: ”Since 2012 I have had to keep a check on my liver status because it was not quite all right. During this year´s Summer Course I kept wishing that they would be all right. After the latest check-up I got a letter telling me that the status was good and that I must not come for check-ups again.”

Below there are some pictures from the course weekend showing the vicinity. Read the report from the course here:
bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 1bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 2bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 rönnbär

Courses in Nybro/Kalmar for Twenty Years!

It was a lovely atmosphere and good concentration during the practice of Hold Qi up in Nybro during the last weekend of September. ”We are soaking up a lot of qi for the autumn”, one participant said.
Twenty years ago we arranged the first course in Nybro/Kalmar and many of the participants have been practising for a long time. They meet each other during weekend courses, weekly training groups and Summer- and Winter Courses. Here are a couple of snaps from the weekend with the exterior of the place where the course was held – Nybrosalen in the building where the glass was cut in the former glassworks of Pukeberg.

nybro lyft upp qi 190928nybro lyft upp qi nybrosalen sliperiet pukeberg 190928

Weekend Courses and Wintertime!

The weekend 26-27th of October there are opportunities to participate in courses on several of our locations. In Bergen and Osen in Norway we arrange basic courses in Shenxin Qigong and Hold Qi Up. In Stockholm, Vallda and Karlskoga we arrange basic courses in Hold Qi Up. We want to wish all participants good practice and also remind us all about the transition from summer- to wintertime the night between Saturday and Sunday that weekend – so you don’t arrive an hour early to the course!

höstkurs 2019 pargas 1

A picture from the Autumn Course in Pargas, Finland, that is going on right now – October 16-20, at the same time as the Autumn Course in Oslo.

Give the day a Good start by Practicing Qigong!

While some by nature have plenty of energy in the morning, for others that part of the day can be very difficult. Due to the state of health one can experience problems with everything from waking up, getting out of bed, stiffness in the morning, pain or bad temper. Practicing Qigong can be one way of reducing the difficult things and instead get a feeling of well-being in the morning. European Zhineng Qigong teaches several methods that are good to practice in the morning, but which to choose? We have asked some of our participants about what they practice in the morning and in what way it helps them to get a better start of the day. During the autumn we will publish their ideas in a short series consisting of three different parts. First was a participant who starts the day by practicing Hold Qi Up. The next is a person who practices Easy Care in the morning to get the body started.


Pain in the morning gets easier with EasyCare-practise

”I suffer from pain in my back, in my shoulders and in the nape of my neck. When I wake up in the morning I am very stiff and suffer from pains in one or several of my problem areas. It is hard to wake up feeling pain but fortunately I have learnt several small Qigong methods that I can use to get the body going. I start the morning by sitting down on a stool and practice fingertraining to get the circulation going. Then I practice two methods from the EasyCare-series: EasyCares for eyes and Combtraining. The cirulation is improving and the pains recede. These small methods also aids to prepare the body for more Qigong practise. I like practicing Shenxing Qigong in the morning because it makes the whole body more supple, particularly the shoulders, the back and the hips.”

This Semester’s Courses Have Started

Now, the autumn term’s courses have started and this weekend, one of our course locations were Ljungskile. It was the eighth course arranged there and the premises, Ljungskilegården, contributes to a calm and nice atmosphere. Below follow some pictures from Ljungskile.

We also have had courses in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Hanko and Alingsås, among others, and many more are planned during the autumn. Here you can find all of our courses:

We extend a warm welcome to you if you would like to practice with us!

ljungskile ljungskilegården lyft upp qi 2019ljungskile ljungskilegården lyft upp qi affisch 2019ljungskile lyft upp qi 2019

Does sitting in front of the computer tire you out? Practising Qigong can help you! 

A lot of work in front of the computer and sitting still for a long time can be a strain on the body. It can make you stiff and tired, reduce your ability to concentrate, and cause headaches and pains in shoulders and neck.

If you have spent more time in front of the computer during the last months, practising Qigong can be a way of removing the bad effects of sitting still for a long time.

*Think of your posture when sitting in front of the computer

Alternate between standing and sitting if possible, and keep your posture straight but at the same time relaxed. During our basic courses we teach how to stand and sit in a way that is relaxed and can help us to conserve our energy instead of getting worn out. How we stand and sit has an impact on our health and the more we use the body in a good way the better we will feel.

*Take short breaks for training during the working day.

One way to avoid health problems due to too much sitting down is to find a moment to train during the working day. Practising Qigong is a good method to improve the circulation without working up a sweat. The practise does not take much time since you do not need to shower afterwards. If you have already attended our courses and are now working from home – practise Hold Qi Up, Shenxin Qigong or La Qi, even just a short while, during your working day.

*Do not forget the eyes

A general feeling of tiredness often starts with the eyes. Several hours in front of the screen or reading can tire the eyes and it is good to give them some rest from time to time.  An idea can be to let the eyes shift focus, i.e. look away from the screen and instead look at something further away. A more powerful way of relaxing the eyes we teach in the course ‘EasyCare for Eyes’. By taking a break from your work in front of the computer and doing the ‘EasyCare for Eyes’ the health of your eyes can improve. The eyes influence the rest of the body so the practise is also good for general well-being throughout the body.