EasyCare Wellness Qigong in English January 22!

Welcome to our first course in EasyCare Wellness Qigong in English! The course was first arranged during the pandemic and has so far been held both digitally and physically. The course language has previously been Swedish. On 22 January 2023 at 09:00-12:00 (Swedish time) we hold our first course in English! The course is arranged online to enable participants from different countries to participate. No previous knowledge required.

The structure is the same as previous courses. The focus is on learning two simple exercises. Once you have learned them, they take about 5-10 minutes each to practice. Participants who have taken the course have received good physical and mental improvements from the training. For example, read Johanna’s personal story or the course report from a course in the method this fall.


  • Participating in the course for the first time: SEK 1,200. This also includes free digital weekly training until the end of the month and the following full calendar month.
  • Repeating (if you have previously taken the course in Swedish): SEK 500. Free online training is not included in the repeat price.

Registration: wellness@zhinengqigong.eu

More information about the course is available at: https://zhinengqigong.eu/en/online-courses

Time for On-site Summer- and Winter Course Training!

The Winter and Summer Courses are two longer residential courses that we hold on a yearly basis. They have been offered digitally during the pandemic, but now it is possible to register for the regular Winter Course.

Every year we also offer additional training courses in Stockholm and/or Gothenburg where we focus on the movements and practice learned on the longer courses. We have ‘Winter Course Training’ where we practice what we were taught during the Winter Course. This course is arranged in Gothenburg already next week, November 11-13. Click here to register. During the course we call ‘Summer Course Training’ we instead focus on what we were taught during the Summer Courses. This course is next arranged January 4-8 in Stockholm. Click here to register. Welcome to participate!

Below some pictures from November 2019 and January 2020, the last time these courses were organised before the pandemic. Then we held both courses in Gothenburg. The room was well filled with many participants and a good atmosphere.

Training during the Winter Course Training November 2019.

In the breaks there was a lot of tea and conversations next to the training room.

Training during the Summer Course Training after New Years 2020. About 70 participants joined the course.

Winter Course 2023

Many of us have been longing to train together at our longer courses, such as the summer and winter courses. Therefore it feels extra good at this time to announce that we are now opening up the booking for the winter course 2023. As usual, we will meet up at the Kalskoga Folk High School during week 8 when they have a winter holiday. The winter course lasts six days, from Monday through Saturday. During the seventh and last day, we will practice Xing Shen Zhuang. If you want to practice more or are a beginner, you can also join the basic course on the weekend of week 7. This will give you a chance to practice for nine days together with many others in our qi field. As we usually do, we will also add an eye course and a comb course during the week.

Shenxin Qigong is a dynamic qigong method that was created by our founder Su Dongyue. It will give us light physical training, stimulate our qi, and help our qi to go deeper. It is extra beneficial to practice during the winter when we need some extra energy and warmth.

This year it is extra important that we get to know in good time if you want to join the course.

Click on the links below to get to the booking pages for the courses.
Winter course (6 days) https://courses.zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/en/?id=981
Basic course Shenxin Qigong https://courses.zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/en/?id=984
EasyCare for the Eyes https://courses.zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/en/?id=982
Qi comb regulation https://courses.zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/en/?id=983


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