SOL – Summer Course Training Online January 1-9 2022

Due to the uncertainty with Covid, we are cancelling the two planned courses January 5-9 in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Instead, we start the new year directly with a 9-day SOL course online. Welcome to participate whether you have been with us online before or not. A lovely start to the new year, we can get a hefty dose of Qi which we may all need after Christmas and New Year.

To participate, you must have taken the Summer Course 9 days with us earlier. The training starts at 08:30 Swedish time every day. You can participate for 2 or 3 hours a day, either all 9 days or for 5 days according to one of the following two options; option A – weekends, 1-2 and 7-9 January and option B – 5-9 January. The first hour we practice La Qi and Hold Qi Up 6 repetitions. The second hour is arm training. The last hour is only open for those who have learned the Xing Shen Zhuang exercise with us, we practice that exercise and finish with Qi-regulation.

You can register by emailing, specifying which of the options you want to participate in and how many hours each day. Payment is made via our bank giro 862-0171, if you pay from another country, you pay from another country IBAN: SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 BIC: SWEDSESS.

Prices are as follows:

9 days 3 hours – SEK 2,200:-

9 days 2 hours – SEK 1,450:-

5 days 3 hours – SEK 1,250:-

5 days 2 hours – SEK 800:-

Our online training has been highly appreciated and it will continue even when our regular courses get started. On our website, the program for SOL and VOL online 2022 is posted. After the end of the year, the prices for our online business will increase, more info can be found on our website.


A picture from our last on-site Summer Course Training Course – January 2020. This SOL-course we’ll be practicing together online instead.

Reflections From You About Our Online Training and Our Online Qi-Field

One participant who had just tried to practice online wrote the following to us:

“It will be exciting to participate in the Qigong training online. I participated in SOL last week and I really felt the qi-field. What a difference from practicing on your own. In addition, you become more motivated to exercise when you do it together.”

Many people express to us in different ways how grateful they are for the opportunity to practice online with us. Several wish that we continue with online training even after the pandemic, when we reopen regular courses. Here’s how a participant in the survey wrote after our 5-day SOL course in October:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to practice online in this way. It is so convenient to be able to participate in long Qigong courses at home, without all the practical stress that it involves organizing a trip to a physical course. I miss my Qigong friends and look forward to the day we can meet physically again, but I hope that the opportunity to participate online continues even after the pandemic, as a complement to physical courses.”

Below are a few more comments after that course:

“I feel that the stiffness in my legs got better, I feel happier and fitter, more motivated to start practicing daily again, calmer, warmer in my body, it became increasingly easier to physically and mentally and practice during these 5 days.”

“It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to practice 5 mornings in October. I experienced the qi-field strongly, especially this weekend! Thank you for a great training session!”

“The circulation in my legs got better, slept better, less short of breath and could walk longer distances without getting out of breath.”

“So happy to be able to practice at home so I easily get it done. That’s a great opportunity. Thanks!!! My Qigong family.”

“I have improved my balance, got softer in my body and calmer in my mind.”

“I have managed to practice much more than I normally do. Strong qi-field! Thank you!”

Another Opportunity April 25 to Learn our New and Appreciated Exercise EasyCare Wellness Qigong

”I have for quite some time had a loss of smell and taste and hearing. The exercises has helped with all of those things! I became very happy when I could feel the smell of spices when I cooked. I have got clear improvement concerning my dry mouth (I have tried numerous medicines, without any positive effects). Now I can move my tongue according to the instructions round the tooth base and my salivary flow is functioning. Fantastic!

That´s feedback from one of the participants of our first EasyCare Wellness Qigong course, held earlier this year. The method is created by Dongyue Su having the pandemic situation in mind. It can help us to prevent and recover from different kind of health problems. The method suits everyone and you don´t have to have prior knowledge to attend the course. Read more about the method here EasyCare Wellness Qigong – European Zhineng Qigong.

The online course lasts for three hours and after the course you can participate on the online training three evenings per week. If you attend for the first time you will get free online training the upcoming month.

The feedback from the participants after the last course was very positive, both concerning the course and the method.

Feedback about the course:

”To be an online course it was really good and it was easy to do the exercises according to the instruction together with the display and images. I´m willing to recommend the course and to repeat the course. Good work! Well made!”

”I think the course had a great disposition and an educational clearness. Easy to understand and remember.”

”A very good structure with both information and display of the movements together with what´s important to have in mind, to get it right.”

”The course was informative, articulated, calm and effective.”

Feedback about the method and to practise it:

”The training is easy and fun. A lot of strong qi. I feel delighted after the training, it´s great!”

”For the first time in a long while I feel elated and energetic.”

”I experienced a strong increase of qi during the course, and I felt alert and pleased. I felt my circulation increased and my whole body became warmer.”

”The method immediately improved my temper. It was easy to learn.”

”I have had back pain for a long time, it felt much better and I had no pain direct after the course. I´m calmer and more alert.”

One month after the course we received the following feedback:

“Reduced number of migraine attacks, better sleep, fewer pain attacks in joints.”

“I´m softer in my upper back and my toes are softer and easier to control. I have gained a lot of energy compared to time spend. The method came right in time for me.”

”The exercise gives me a strong feeling of qi, in a short period of time and with limited effort.”

”The training feels good and I like the method – my body thanks and “laughs”!”

”I can feel how my level of energy rises rather fast with this method and at the same time it makes my mind calm.”

”I got some problems with respiration after covid. Wellness Qigong has an direct-acting effect, breathing is easier, tension and tiredness in neck and shoulders lighten. The effect stays for a couple of hours, but I also feel a long term general improvement.”

”The biggest and most noticeable effect is the feeling of serenity, to be able to see a very harsh and stressful situation in a new perspective, to be able to have the right focus and to distance oneself,  to be able to handle though days without getting anxious and to enjoy a good mental state. As a bonus I´m getting physically stronger and some physical ailments has disappeared, as example a stubbornly nerve problem in my left arm.”

Register to the course via, state your name, mail and if you participate for the first time or if you repeat the course. Closer to the course you will get all necessary details on how to participate on the course.

The price for beginners is SEK 1.200:-, including weekly training, three evenings per week until the end of May. 

If you repeat the course the price is SEK 500:-.

Payment is to be done before the course to Swedish Bankgiro 862-0171. If you pay from a country outside Sweden, use IBAN SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 and BIC SWEDSESS.


SOL – Summer Course Training Online the Upcoming Summer for 18 days With Lecture by Dongyue Su

Unfortunately, once again this year, the pandemic will prevent us from organizing our much loved Summer Course in Nossebro. Instead we will offer SOL – Summer Course Training Online, this time for 18 days in a row. It will be the longest course we have arranged online, and it’s a great opportunity to train together in our special online qi-field.

This year’s SOL course will start with a special lecture by Dongyue Su. The lecture, which will be held in English without translation, will end with qi-regulation.

Last summer’s SOL-course, with a duration of 9 days, was highly appreciated. Below follows some comments from the course:

”Just amazing to experience the Summer Course qi-field at home! It was fantastic, I’m very thankful.”

”It was like if the training hall in Nossebro moved in to my house. Just wonderful.”

”I had Summer Course-feeling inside of me the whole time, it’s still here. It often felt like I was training in Nossebro. Lovely, thanks.”

”It was nice to have unoccupied afternoons. A strong feeling of energy. Great training.”

You can read the whole course report via this link: Summer Course Training On Line [2020-06-22]

The course lasts from Monday 28 June – Thursday 15 July. You can participate for 18 or 9 days, either the first nine days, from 28 June – 6 July, or the last nine days, 7 July – 15 July.

We practise for three hours every day, 08:30 – 11:30, Swedish time. The first hour we practise La Qi with Dongyue Su and Hold Qi Up with six repetitions. The second hour we practise arm training. The third hour we end with Xing Shen Zhuang and qi-regulation. The last hour is open only for those who have learned Xing Shen Zhuang on our nine days Summer Course in Nossebro.

We hope you will participate on our powerful SOL-course. Sign up for the course by sending a mail to the following address State your name and email, if you wish to participate for 2 or 3 hours per day and 9 or 18 days. If you want to participate for nine days, please notify us if it´s for the first or the last nine days.

The price for 18 days is SEK 4300 for three hours, SEK 3000 for two hours training per day. The price for 9 days is SEK 2400 for three hours, SEK 1700 for two hours training per day. Make the transaction before the course starts at our BG 862-0171. If you make the transaction from outside Sweden: IBAN: SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 and BIC: SWEDSESS.

If you have joined our 9 days Summer Course you can participate in the lecture, even if you don’t participate on the course. The price for the lecture is SEK 500, payment according to above.


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