Share the Signs of Spring!

In many ways it is a very different and trying spring this year. When the situation drains your energy one way of taking care of yourself is to focus on something nice that can give you positive energy. Of course it is not the same for everybody but one thing that most of us like to do at this time of the year is to watch for the signs of approaching spring that are appearing more and more now. Some of us do not have the opportunity to be outside as much as usual and most of us can no longer can go on longer excursions or travel. Because of that we would like to share with you some photos of signs of spring and also to invite those who have your own photos of the new season, e.g. from your garden, to mail them to us at to be published here on the homepage. In that way we can share beautiful signs of spring from the Nordic countries and from England!

Another way of giving yourself positive energy is to keep up your practis of Qigong. The best practise is the one that you actually do and here our new online practise can be a greate help. To have one or more sessions booked makes it more likely that you will acually practise. Apart from excellent practise, several who have tried experience a good feeling of practising together when we are up to 150 participants in the same session. One participant said ”It helps a lot. Both the feeling of having a lot of Qigong friends out there and the practise itself.” Click here to read more about our online practise.