No Packing List this year – but still about time to prepare for a course! 

At this time of year we usually publish a packing list to help with suggestions and ideas of useful things to bring to the Summer Course. This year is very different, no Summer Course in Nossebro but a Summer Course online – SOL. You do not need a packing list for an online course, but nonetheless it is good to prepare yourself for the course. Here we give some suggestions of how to prepare yourself to get the most out of the course.:

Administration: Enrol and pay for the course well before the first day. Make sure that your application for time off has been submitted and approved. This is a way of avoiding unnecessary stress.

Practical things: When the adminstration is done it might be a good idea to focus on the practical side of things. Co-ordinate with the rest of the family so that everyone knows that you are taking part in a course during the time the practise takes place and ask them not to disturb you during those hours. Plan the days to avoid stress before and after practise, have some free time before and after. Pick a calm spot where you can practise undisturbed, preferably at the same place every day. Find your qigong shoes and put up your qigongpictures to create a harmonic ambience. 

The feeling: Everyone taking part in SOL has participated earlier in one or several of our Summer Courses. One way to prepare to practise together again can be to remember the feeling of being at the Summer Course. Recall nice memories, take out the group photos from years past or look at the postings in the blog from last years Summer Course. To look forward to a course can help us to get more out of the course.

Your aims: During the Summer Course we usually focus on what we want to achieve by practising. You might want to be calmer, more supple, concentrate better or some other improvements of your health. Focus on that which is important to you and wish that you will get it. That might help us to keep our motivation and get us faster to what we want to get.

A nice midsummer to all of you and we will meet at SOL!