Summer Course Training Online [2022-01-01]

Due to the pandemic, our traditional training directly after new year as well as last year had to be replaced by a longer SOL course online. SOL stands for Summer Course Training Online, training adapted for those who have participated in our Summer Course for at least 9 days with us before. This year the course was extended to nine days, one week plus one weekend. If you were unable to participate all nine days, you had the option to participate for five days.

The course drew many participants, up to 100 people participated. Many appreciate and have taken on the opportunity to train together in our special online qi-field now that we cannot meet and have courses together as before. This is not only reflected in the large number of participants, but also from the feedback we receive. For many, our online training is a lifeline that helps them cope with life, both physically and mentally.

After the course, those who wanted could answer some questions about the course, completely anonymously. When asked how satisfied they were with the course, 78% replied “Very satisfied” and 20% “Quite satisfied”. Below is a selection of the comments we received.

A lot of joy

“Very good training. Nice and relaxing. My whole body and mind relaxed. I felt relaxed and soft in my body after the course. Mentally, I have also felt clear and calm after the course, which is greatly appreciated, especially when there are big and demanding changes in life right now. The course brought a lot of joy to me and my life as well as people close to me.”


“Stronger overall and my neck is straighter”

Easy to relax

“Fantastic course, strong qi-field, I looked forward to the training and all the exercises every day. I stood expectantly in place when it was time to do arm training, it’s not usually like that. It was easier to relax and concentrate.”

A lot of qi

“I’ve got a lot of qi! Thank you!”

Extra energy

“The qi-field felt strong. The training provided extra/renewed energy. Many thanks to everyone!”


“I appreciate that we have the opportunity for the daily online training and, as here, a longer training course. It helps me to exercise more than I would otherwise manage on my own.”

A perfect way to start the day

“I like the arrangement with La Qi first and then Hold Qi Up immediately afterwards. I also like that it’s slower than on the CDs. A perfect way to start the day. Thank you.”

A thousand thanks

“5 suns out of a possible 5! Thank you to everyone who fixes and helps and thanks all Qigong friends. I miss you, hopefully we can meet soon at classes and trainings.”

Better in my back

“Sensations and stiffness in my back have improved a lot during the course.”


“I had the flu throughout the course, but the training went great anyway.”

Broken tooth

“I was swollen in one jaw because of a broken tooth. The swelling subsided considerably during the course.”

Strong qi-field

“Highest grade for the entire course. Strong qi-field.”