Summer Course Training Online [2021-06-28]

For the second year in a row, we conducted our Summer Course online, this time for 18 days. New for this year was also that the course was preceded by a lecture by Dongyue Su. In total, up to 140 people participated in lectures and training, from Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and Denmark.

Our arrangements with the possibility of daily online training together with others have helped several to get a good routine in their training at home. Many people have expressed their gratitude for being able to access our qi-field despite the restrictions during the pandemic.

Participants were given the opportunity after the course to anonymously answer a questionnaire. When asked how satisfied they were with the course, 79% said they were very satisfied and 18% were quite satisfied.

Below is a selection of comments that students shared after the course.

Simple and joyful

“Zhineng Qigong is the hub of my life that makes me healthy, brings out my best self and its potential, makes my life so simple and joyful.”

Good course

“Very good course, it affected not only me but the whole family!”

Nerve pain and high blood pressure

“The training was very strong! After two clots and recent leg ulcers, I had terrible nerve pain around my heel and barely slept for three months. These disappeared during the course and I can now sleep. My high blood pressure started to drop from up to 160/180 mm down to 99mm in upper measurement!! That’s good! This week I was able to hike up to 1 mile/ day and climbed a ‘small’ mountain of 1100 meters! I have often had problems with my two stairs and small uphill slopes! Thank you for such a great course and for my improvements!”

Calmer mind

“The course gave me increased mobility and my entire weak left side has opened up more. My mind is calmer. Thank you for a very good course!”

More relaxed

“It’s great to be able to take a Summer Course from home! My husband became more relaxed and nicer just by being nearby. The stiffness in my body has disappeared. I also become wiser and I can handle everyday life better, with more relaxation. My posture is better.”

Better wrist

“I have been in pain and felt stiffness in my wrists for almost three years now, but on the course my right wrist became much better. Many thanks for the online Summer Courses, it felt nice to gather energy for so many days after a heavy corona year.”

More mobile and alert

“I have become more mobile and alert, as I usually do during regular Summer Courses. Hope you do an online course next summer too. Thank you.”

Better sleep

“My sleep became worse and worse in the last year and I became increasingly tired and exhausted by this. It turned around during this course. From the second course day I fell asleep easier in the evening, slept better every night and always woke up well in advance of the course.”

Back better

“My lower back and mobility got significantly better”


“I have had migraines since I was a child and in recent years I have had daily migraines, which of course has affected me a lot. In April this year, I was given a new preventive medication that has dampened the pain intensity, but I still had migraines seven days a week. During the Summer Course I have been completely migraine-free for nine out of eighteen days. On other days, the pain has been manageable without emergency medications. This has been extremely nice and gives me a little more energy and hope for the future.”

More energy

“I have felt more relaxed during the training, especially my face. I have also gained a lot of energy.”


“The SOL course coincided with my husband starting a very tough cancer treatment and I am deeply grateful that I have had the strong qi-field here at home to support both of us in an otherwise upside-down life situation. It has been a privilege to have access to the online training in a strong Summer Course qi-field every day at the same time. It would have been difficult to get that discipline on your own.”

Deeper rest

“Above all, I have reached deeper rest inside and thus increased satisfaction with life. Thank you.”

Increased mobility

“I have become softer in my body. My left shoulder has become more mobile. I find it easier to turn sideways, especially to the right where I experience a significant improvement.”

Calm mind and clearer thoughts

“I found that my body has become much more relaxed, straighter and stronger. I have also experienced a strong sense of calm in my mind and clearer thoughts. I feel like I’ve lost a long-lasting sadness and the sadness over the loss of my mother. Other long-standing depressions about disappointments in life have also eased and they are no longer there. Instead, I feel very light and positive about life. A long-standing and stressful fear of COVID has also released. I feel more trust in myself and my own body. My son has also received a lot of qi during the course and I have been able to be a more present mother with the help of the calm that the SOL training has provided.”

Improved vision

“It’s good that there is an alternative now when the usual Summer Courses had to be cancelled. My vision has improved slightly and I feel calmer in my mind and stronger in my body. Significantly less need for food and sleep during the course. Thank you very much!”

Dog better

“Small extra bonus: My dog who has a leg/back injury was there during the training every day. She became more and more relaxed and the symptoms decreased.”

Happy and strong

“I was energized by the training. Felt happy and strong. Some numbness in my left side decreased significantly.”

Part of a larger whole

“Calmer, more self-confidence and better thoughts. Also, a feeling of being part of a larger whole. The qi-field is good and it’s fun to train together!”