Summer Course Training Online [2020-06-22]

The Corona situation has had a major impact on our operations. Among other things, we have not been able to offer our traditional Summer Courses this year. These courses have been the highlight of the year for many of us. Instead, we have developed our new way of training online which has been greatly appreciated by many. Being able to stay at home and practise while taking advantage of the strong qi-field.

SOL – Summer Course Training Online became the name of the course that replaced our regular Summer Courses this year. Nearly 140 Qigong participants, who previously having participated in at least one 9-day Summer Course, practised together two or three hours each morning for nine days. Forceful, qi filled practise that suited the participants.

After completing the course, it was evaluated with the help of a questionnaire to the participants. 78.5% of those who answered the survey feel that their mental health improved during the course. The corresponding figure for physical health was 72.5%. When asked how satisfied they were with the course, 75% responded that they were very satisfied and 24% that they were quite satisfied.

Below is a selection of the written comments that were also given in the survey.

“Simply awesome 🙂 Thank you so much for arranging this.”

“Worked technically very well.”

“Nice to be free in the afternoons. Strong sense of energy. Top practising.”

“Had no physical problems but noticed mental improvements. Have felt like it worked a lot in my heart and lungs. It was like being in the Summer Course during practise, but the qi-field has been strong all day, like during the Summer Course. Great workout! Tough exercise! Grateful!”

“Have felt strong a community in the qi-field absolutely fantastic.”

“My back has become much more suppl. I am very pleased to have had this opportunity and look forward to more courses online. Even after corona. All in all, I am very satisfied with the online training.”

“Suppler body especially waist and left shoulder. Have become more comfortable with La Qi and being calmer practising it. I am very grateful to be able to practise online because I can not participate in the Summer Course due to family causes.”

“Absolutely incredible to experience the Summer Course qi-field at home!! So amazing and I am grateful! I have managed all the practice every day, even the third hour, with birth injuries that I have not been able to overcome for almost 7 years! I managed it all and miraculously it went well!! I’m not in pain! My back and body feel stronger and straighter, the nerve pain I have suffered for 7 years in my leg with the least effort is more or less completely gone. I have gained a great insight into my life, how to mentally move on and leave “old baggage” and forgive myself and others. So thankful!”

“Although-since a few years I sleep poorly, I woke up in good time to SOL every day. The qi-field felt strong as soon as the music began.”

“Many thanks for this great initiative and nine strengthening days!”

“Very nice qi-field! Sometimes I felt actually like taking part in the Summer Course. So cool to feel it from home! Very grateful to SOL – to have the opportunity to practise together considering the circumstances.”

“My brain has felt good and clear after practising. Usually I am pretty tired at lunchtime. I am suppler and my back is more flexible. I bend down easily with palms on the floor. A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible! The qi-field is as strong as during as the Summer Course in Nossebro!”

“Very nice practice. The qi-field at home has become much finer and stronger.”

“It was as if the sports hall in Nossebro moved into my house. Absolutely wonderful! Have been able to move my waist back and relax my waist and hips better (which I have not been able to do at all) at the same time and my neck and head have risen by themselves. My arms have become more supple and I have enjoyed the practise. Thanks!”

“Thank you very much for this opportunity to practise at home in the powerful qi-field!”

“It felt powerful to practise in the qi-field online. Many reactions. Have become more vibrant, more moving, better balance, wake up easier in the morning. More improvements I usually experience eventually. I have had a summer feeling in me all the time, it remains. I often felt like I was in Nossebro and practised. Lovely. Thanks.”

“Feeling more relaxed and sleeping like a princess.”

“Thank you very much for this opportunity to practise together in the qi-field at a distance. It has been a surprisingly energetic practise.”