Summer Course Training January 2-6, now SOL Online!

Those of us who have joined a Summer Course have, for over 20 years time, had the opportunity to meet and practise together after New Years Eve. This winter we can join the training course from home, digitally! You can stay home yet still enjoy the power and harmony from practising many together in our unique Qi-field.

Su Dongyue sends his regards, saying we should spend more time practising now. It can help us prevent weariness, depression and passivity and also help us cope with these very stressing times. Coping well with this will influence our mental and physical health. Taking every opportunity to join the Qi-field will help us, so joining the online practise is very important now.

Here are some examples from the positive feedback received from our participants:

“I have felt a great sense of community in the Qi-field – incredible.”

“My back has become a lot more flexible. I’m so happy for this opportunity and look forward to more online courses, after corona too. Over all I am very pleased with the online  practise.”

“Incredible to experience a Qi-field at home that is as strong the one at the Summer Courses! Amazing, I’m grateful!”

“I am feeling more relaxed and I sleep like a princess.”

“Surprisingly strong and effective training.”

Summer Course Training Online – 2-6 of January

We will be practising every day 08.30-11.30 (Swedish time) and have a 10 minute break every hour. First hour we practise La Qi and Hold Qi Up 6 repeats. The second hour we practise arm training. The last hour we practise Xing Shen Zhuang and Qi regulation. You can only participate in the last hour if you already have learned Xing Shen Zhuang at the Summer Course. You can choose whether you want to practise two or three hours and if you want to join for two, three or four days. For best result we recommend you to take the whole course.

To register for the course, send an email with your name, which days and how many hours (two or three) you want to join to

You will receive more information closer to the course.

The price for the course is SEK 1.050:- for three hours per day, SEK 700:- for two hours per day. If you participate fewer days the price is SEK 240:- per day for three hours and SEK 160:- per day for two hours. Your payment must be transferred to our bank account before the course starts. From Sweden BG 862-0171, from other country, use IBAN: SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 and BIC: SWEDSESS.


A picture from the Summer Course Training last year, which was arranged in Gothenburg.