Siv got back flexibility in her shoulder

My name is Siv Tingsvik. I’m 61 years old and I live in Åland. I suffer from rheumatism with Sjögren’s syndrome. In January 2004, I attended my first course in Zhineng Qigong and in June I participated in the summer course. I brought with me a radiology report that showed the status of my shoulder: supra spinatus tendinosis and partial rupture of the trochlea. For 4-5 years I’ve had a lot of pain in my shoulder. I have seen doctors and tried different kinds of rehabilitation, ice bags, pain killers, but nothing helped me.

An operation was planned in the autumn. In the summer course I wasn’t supposed to do arm training. But all of a sudden I was standing there with my arms raised, and it got better and better. Today I don’t have any problems. Previously raising my arms hurt very much, both forward and to the sides. I couldn’t work with my arms in front of me or over my head, which prevented me from many things such as cleaning the windows, carrying my grandchild or sleeping.

Siv can once again use her shoulder after years of pain and immobility. Coming home from the summer course, I had an appointment with my orthopaedist, who was to decide upon a possible shoulder operation. When he saw the movements I made with my shoulders he was very surprised. He wished me good luck and he told me to continue practicing Qigong. If I got worse I was welcome back. I’ve heard that he has recommended Qigong to other patients with shoulder problems.

During a Qi-regulation with Su Dongyue, something happened under my feet. Standing up it felt as if I had very comfortable soles made of cotton under my feet. For 10-15 years I have had such a pain in my feet. It has been impossible to walk bare-footed on a floor. At work, I had big laced shoes with special soles and my feet were always cold. Now they are warm and I don’t need those special soles any more. The blood circulation started to work well and the muscles in my feet are stronger now.

One night at the end of the course I had problems sleeping because I started to produce saliva again. I had to swallow and swallow. Sjögren’s syndrome destroys the salivary glands. One gets dry in the mouth with small wounds in the mucous membrane and a lot of trouble with the mouth and the teeth. My salivary glands begun to work again and my mucous membranes are fine now.

Siv Tingsvik