Ramsay Hunt Syndrom – qigong practise helped Yaquta in a critical situation

My name is Yaquta Morton: I am 70 years old, mother of five, grandmother of 13. Acupuncture therapist, Acupressure instructor. Community Health educator.

I met Master Su and invited him to teach Zhineng Qigong at our facility in 1995. I recognized the power of what he brought, however, I made a common mistake. I hope that others can learn from my mistake. They say that we are dissuaded from making useful changes in our life by «4 voices» which say:

It is too hard, It takes too long, It is too far away, or It is not for me; it is for the others.

I had surgeries on my knees and when we trained I experienced terrible pain as the qi started to flow in my legs. So I listened to the «voices» and decided that it was not for me, it was for the others. I introduced many of my friends, family, students and patients to Zhineng Qigong, but stopped my own training as soon as the qi flow created discomfort.

I moved to South Africa and then America. I tried other qigong forms that I encountered in my travels, however, I never experienced strong results. I occasionally did La Qi or listened to the qi-regulation because I was comforted by Master Su’s voice, but I did not train Hold Qi Up.

Last February, I developed an extremely painful Herpes Zoster infection in my ear, which created an inflammation that attacked the brain stem. I developed what is called Ramsay Hunt Syndrom.

I was paralyzed on my left side. I could not open or close my eye. I had to tape it shut at night. I could not swallow, taste or control my lips on my left side.

When I turned my head, my body lurched in response and when I looked downwards, I would fall over. I saw double.
 I had to walk with crutches to keep my balance, and my body still lurched around. So I looked like I was drunk when walking down the street in my small Swedish town. How people must have wondered over a drunken Muslim lady in a scarf!

Qigong friends visited me in the hospital. They helped me with eye exercises and brought recordings of trainings; and qi-regulation. I could only listen to them in the beginning.

I was able to take a basic course the following February, this year. I began daily training at home, and had the blessing of a training group that met in my building each week. Their compassion and the qi-field supported me in healing far beyond the expectations of the doctors. They said I could not expect more than a 50% improvement in one year. Afterwards they said they could do nothing else to help me.

I have almost complete control of my face, taste, and swallowing is much better. I no longer drool! My balance is better and after just two days in the wonderful qi-field of this Summer Course, I can actually stand straight!

I lurch much less often. My shoulders are beginning to relax after months of using crutches, and a whiplash that I developed after falling on my face last year, is better.

There is pain, and now I understand that the pain means change for the better. It often disappears just as I feel I can stand no more. I learn to trust the miracle of qi flow.

I am deeply grateful for having a second chance for – and from Zhineng Qigong.

Yakuta Morton