Does sitting in front of the computer tire you out? Practising Qigong can help you!

A lot of work in front of the computer and sitting still for a long time can be a strain on the body. It can make you stiff and tired, reduce your ability to concentrate, and cause headaches and pains in shoulders and neck.

Below you can read some advice that we published last autumn, on how practising Qigong can be a way of removing the bad effects of sitting still for a long time.

Think of your posture when sitting in front of the computer

Alternate between standing and sitting if possible, and keep your posture straight but at the same time relaxed. During our basic courses we teach how to stand and sit in a way that is relaxed and can help us to conserve our energy instead of getting worn out. How we stand and sit has an impact on our health and the more we use the body in a good way the better we will feel.

Take short breaks for training during the working day.

One way to avoid health problems due to too much sitting down is to find a moment to train during the working day. Practising Qigong is a good method to improve the circulation without working up a sweat. The practise does not take much time since you do not need to shower afterwards. If you have already attended our courses and are now working from home – practise Hold Qi Up, Shenxin Qigong or La Qi, even just a short while, during your working day.

Do not forget the eyes

A general feeling of tiredness often starts with the eyes. Several hours in front of the screen or reading can tire the eyes and it is good to give them some rest from time to time.  An idea can be to let the eyes shift focus, i.e. look away from the screen and instead look at something further away. A more powerful way of relaxing the eyes we teach in the course ‘EasyCare for Eyes’. By taking a break from your work in front of the computer and doing the ‘EasyCare for Eyes’ the health of your eyes can improve. The eyes influence the rest of the body so the practise is also good for general well-being throughout the body.