Online Training, a Support for Parents of Young Children

Practising on a regular basis can be a challenge for parents with young children. Our online training can ease the situation. Below we gathered some experience from our participants.

We have recently posted some articles (click here and here) where parents share their experience of practising Qigong during the toddler years. We have now gathered more experience from parents regarding practising online. They describe the help the training has given them, both in everyday life and for the actual training.

With online training I can now actually participate in it. I can ´ t be away from my children during the evening- and morning procedures. Furthermore my husband and I can support each other and use Qigong in our daily life. It ´s good for the love.”

”I had terrific results during the course. I have been able to sleep without interruptions for many nights in a row. It ´s the first time that happens since I got my second child two years ago.”

“Because I practise in my childrens’ bedroom their sleeping quality has improved.”

”My son likes the training very much, he wants me to stand close to him. He knows how many repetitions we do every day and often he falls asleep quickly. My health state has improved generally after we started with online training. Online training is one of the benefits with corona!”

”My family is happier.”

”I have improved my routines, I´m more alert thanks to better sleep. I have a better attitude towards my family.”

”I notice how my family members are positively affected by my training.”

To Join the Online Training

If you haven´t practised with us before, you can join the online course EasyCare Wellness Qigong. Thereafter you can participate in our online training for that specific course. To participate in other online training you have to participate in an ordinary course first. Follow the link to read more about our online training: