Online Course for Improved Wellbeing

We now offer a new exercise that you can learn via an online course. This exercise can help you to get more qi, improve your immune system, strengthen your inner organs and vitalize your sensory nervous system. After the course you can participate in our online training and by doing so have the opportunity to get great effects fast.

For the moment, due to the pandemic, we can´t arrange our ordinary physical courses, but for many of us, the need for Qigong practice is higher than ever. Therefore, we have developed a new course that we can teach online. It is suitable for those of you who want to improve your immune system or recover quickly from previous illness. If you are interested in Qigong or already practice Qigong with us, the course will give you excellent exercises to add to your daily training. 

The course consists of two different parts. In the first part we learn a series of easy exercises that will improve the five senses (according to the definition of TCM). Every sensory organ correlates with an internal organ. The exercises take only a few minutes to execute and can be performed anywhere at anytime.  

The second part is a new, simple and powerful Qigong exercise that can give you a lot of qi, regulate vital functions and stimulate physical and mental wellbeing. The exercise is dynamic and takes about twelve minutes to perform. It´s easy to execute and you don´t need any equipment. It´s suitable to learn online.

The course duration is about three hours and afterwards you can participate in our online training. By practising together with others in our qi-field you can benefit more from the exercise. Our experience tells us that with group training we can double the results with less effort.  

European Zhineng Qigong has arranged courses and projects for more than 25 years. Our participants have achieved improvements, for example improved lung function, better immune system, improved mental clarity, increased energy and better motor skills. 

You register for the course by emailing your name to Closer to the course you´ll receive an email with the information you need to participate. Now we offer everyone the opportunity to participate in the premier course – January 24th at the introductory price of SEK 950:-. As a bonus, you also receieve one month of online training, value SEK 200:-.

You are most welcome to join the course!