New Online Course – Qi-Comb Regulation to Prevent the Flu

You are very welcome to participate in a new, online based Qigong course where we use the Qi-comb method to prevent disease symptoms and positively influence our health state. The course aim at you who previously have taken a course where you’ve learned the Qi-comb method at one of our annual Summer Courses or Winter Courses.

Influenza and viruses often spread to us via the respiratory system. This method regulates and strengthens the function of the entire breathing apparatus. The emphasis is on strengthening and improving the lungs and other respiratory systems, but it can affect and improve our entire lives. The training with the comb can regulate meridians, acupuncture points, circulation and our mental state. An important part of the course and training is also to replenish qi in our comb.

Course Setup and Registration

The course is about 70 minutes long and consists of two parts. In the first part, you learn the new method. In the second longer part we practice La Qi, the new method, and qi-regulation.

We are giving this course now for the very first time on Thursday, April 7, at 19.30 Swedish time.

The course is open to anyone who has participated in a Qi-Comb course with us before. Registration is made by e-mail to and payment of the course fee.

The course costs SEK 600:- and is paid to our bank giro before the respective course starts. Sweden: Bg 862-0171 Other Country: IBAN: SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 and BIC: SWEDSESS.

Closer to the course, you will receive an email with the information you need to participate.