Kari’s arm healed quickly during the summer course

Now I can eat my porridge with my right hand again. When I came here to the summer course, I could not lift the spoon to my mouth. The reason why I could not lift my arm earlier was the accident I had just a few days before the course started.

On Midsummer Day I went for a walk in the forest with my friends. Be careful so that you don’t slip on the mossy rocks, I told them. Suddenly I slipped myself. I fell hard to the ground and landed on my right arm, which was already injured and had undergone surgery. My nose also took quite a hit by the frames of my glasses, and there was a deep cut. After the fall I could not use my right arm at all. I thought there was no point in going to a health center, since it was the weekend.

Kari 250On the following Monday, the summer course was due to start. But I never even considered cancelling my participation in the course. I had to drag my bulky luggage with my left arm, but I managed. My left arm is quite strong.

During the first day of the course I had to eat my breakfast porridge with my left hand. But the next morning my right arm felt better. In the afternoon I could eat with my right hand, even though it hurt. I could not yet lift my tea cup then, but the next day I could manage that as well.

The cut on my nose also healed very quickly. After a few days, it was just a small, red mark.

Earlier results

I’m convinced that my arm would not have improved this quickly if I had chosen to stay at home. Since I have had very good results before, it was the obvious choice to come to the course, despite the accident.

I started practising because I had a lot of pain in my arm after a biking accident a few years ago. When the weather changed I would have pain. A good friend of mine told me about Zhineng Qigong. I started practising and the pain disappeared.

You can read more about my earlier results in my first personal story.

Kari Appelgren