Join our SOL-training!

Did you know that you can practise Qigong online with us? We find it very important to practise together in a group and be part of a bigger community. During these times of physical distancing this has been difficult to achieve. However, challenges often bring some good results and for us it meant that we started practising online. We offer an online session every week day, and two sessions per day on the weekend,  and we have a great number of participants logging in to practise together. Once a month we also offer our training course SOL, Summer Course Training Online with two or three additional sessions on Saturday and Sunday. We have had marvellous feedback for the online practise in general and not least for the SOL training. This is what a few participants wrote:

“I have felt alert and bright in the head after the practise. I am more supple and my back is more mobile. A great thank-you to all of you who have made this possible!”

“I am very grateful for SOL – to have the chance to practise together during the present circumstances.”

If you want to practise online with us you find more information here: