How to Prepare for the Summer Course Training Online

Good preparations can help you to get the most out of a Qigong course. A common way to prepare for longer courses is to arrange the practicalities, such as the trip and packing. It can be helpful to start preparing mentally for the course, for example by thinking about the desired objective of your participation and what you want to achieve during the course. As our courses are now given online, it seems to not be quite the same, and the challenge when participating from home may be to just prepare. It is easy to forget that small preparations are still very important. We would like to help our participants get the most out of our courses, so here is a list of suggestions on how to do it: 

Administration: Submit your course registration and pay for the course well in advance of the first course day. Make sure that any holiday application is submitted and approved. This way you avoid unnecessary stress in close proximity to the course. 

Practicalities: Plan the days so that it does not get stressful around the training, make sure to have some margins before and after the training sessions. Choose a quiet place where you can train undisturbed, preferably the same place every day. Find your Qigong shoes and feel free to have your Qigong paintings on show to create a harmonious atmosphere. If you live with other people, inform them so that everyone knows when you are on a course and ask not to be disturbed during those hours. 

The feeling: Everyone who attends this summer’s SOL course has participated in one or more of our Summer Courses that we have arranged in previous years. One way to prepare for training together again can be to remember the feeling of what it is like to be on a Summer Course. Think back on pleasant memories, look for group photos from previous years or read course reports. Looking forward to a course and remembering the feeling from previous courses can help us get more out of the course we attend.

Your goals: During the Summer Course, we usually focus on what we want to achieve with the training. Maybe you want to become calmer, softer in your body, improve your concentration or achieve other health improvements. Think about what is important to you and wish that you will achieve it. It can help us stay motivated and get where we want to go faster.

Looking forward to seeing you online at SOL 18 days!

A picture by a participant after an online training session. Her footprint was clearly visible on the carpet during the breaks between sessions.