Hold Qi Up Bollnäs [2020-10-03]

The beautiful colours of autumn leaves surrounded Bollnäs when we had the course. Many participants expressed happiness to be able to join courses again. 

Comments from the participants:

My Body Became Softer

”It´s great to be able to join courses again. There´s always something to improve, life affect us in different ways and we need corrections. It´s great to see improvements, for example I now can touch my feet during the leg exercise. Even though I´m 20 years older compared to when I started to practise my body is now softer, it encourages me to practise when I see this kind of results. I can really recommend the Summer Course, it really deepens the understanding. I have become more responsive to how my body and mind is connected and interacts.”

Improved Arches of the Foot

“I don´t have many ailments despite my age. I believe training Qigong has helped me to improve my foot arche. While I was working I was often stressed, when I started to practise Qigong I learned to handle situations in a better way. I used to have problems with my neck and throat, but that´s history.”

Improved Posture

”It was a great experience to join my first course. To help each other with the movements was great. My posture feels good now after the course, there´s a difference in my shoulders, my back is straighter. It will be interesting to see how this will affect my singing. Summer Course sounds interesting, qi as well.”

Less Pain Despite Fibromyalgia

“I have been on a sick leave due to fatigue depression. The training has made me mentally stronger which made me keen to continue practise. I was told I had fibromyalgia, with the Qigong training I have less pain and I don´t identify myself with the disease. 2011 I had severe pain in my shoulders. I couldn´t even swim because of the pain. At that period in life I hadn´t practiced for some time. I started to practise again and after a month or so the pain was gone. My body is more open and has straightened up. I never want to quit practising Qigong.”


Fatima Ringvall