Extra Energy in the Autumn Darkness

This time of the year many people are more tired than usual. While the workload is heavy it gets darker earlier. In addition, there are few days off to get some rest. One way to tackle the autumn fatigue and give yourself extra energy is to practice Qigong. Several of our participants have told us how they get more energy from Qigong training. Participants who previously suffered from chronic fatigue and long-term lack of energy have also received good help. Below you can read excerpts from Lotta-Karin’s and Helle’s personal stories where they describe how the training with Zhineng Qigong helped them.

Lotta-Karin now has strength and energy after years of problems with ME

“In the autumn of 1999 I got a viral infection with pain in my muscles and joints. After a week the fever disappeared but the pain remained, my energy was very low and I often had flu-like symptoms. In the spring of 2000 I could no longer work. It was a great setback. After several years of examinations, hospital stays, physiotherapy and help through a pain team, I was diagnosed with ME, chronic fatigue syndrome. Today, August 2017, most of the pain is just a memory. I have strength, energy and desire for life.”

Read Lotta-Karin’s full story here.

Helle recovered from burnout

“In 2001, I was so-called burnt out from work. I was on sick leave for about a year and then started working. However, I did not really become my true self, my energy was low. I worked a little and was still completely exhausted every weekend. My whole life was about resting and it went on like that for several years. When I met with Qigong, I noticed that it renewed my energy. I stuck to practicing, and as the years went by the quality of it probably increased. It has taken me several years but I would say that today my energy level is good. That is of great importance to my social life: the feeling of participating in the world. For the first time in twelve years, I have now applied for adding working hours.”

Read Helle’s full story here.

Zhineng Qigong’s training method aims to strengthen the whole person. Therefore, improvements can be achieved regardless of the starting position. Lotta-Karin and Helle have both achieved great improvements even though the reasons for their fatigue and lack of energy differ. No matter what your life situation looks like, Qigong practice can bring you something positive in the winter darkness. Welcome to practice with us!

A picture from the Autumn Course in Finland 2019. This autumn we instead practice online together.