Acupoint Tuina and the traditional qigong method Weituo Jin

Acupoint Tuina

Woman getting an acupoint tuina treatment

Tuina is a comprehensive term with its origins in China, and it comprises all massage-like forms of therapy. Tuina is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). During the course the students will learn about meridians (JingLuo), some very useful acupoints and a technique which can be used for treating illness professionally or for health promotive purposes. There will be suggestions for the treatment of specific problems. Acupoint Tuina can be used to help oneself or to help others. By helping family or friends relationships can also be improved.

In order to improve the results of the treatments therapists need training and, consequently, courses in Weituo Jin are compulsory for students of Acupoint Tuina.

Weituo Jin

We use this qigong method to build strength and qi which will be useful for us when we practise Tuina. The official Chinese TCM universities teach Weituo Jin to their students. The method is also famous within the martial arts circle since the martial arts school Shaolin uses the method.

By practising Weituo Jin the students can build their qi in their hands and in the rest of the body. This will substantially improve the results of all kinds of massage-type therapies (Tuina) and it prevents the therapist from getting tired after having treated others. In addition it can also improve the therapists own health.

The course is also suitable for all those who want to increase their knowledge of qigong and/or build their strength.