SOL – Summer Course Training Online the Upcoming Summer for 18 days With Lecture by Dongyue Su

Unfortunately, once again this year, the pandemic will prevent us from organizing our much loved Summer Course in Nossebro. Instead we will offer SOL – Summer Course Training Online, this time for 18 days in a row. It will be the longest course we have arranged online, and it’s a great opportunity to train together in our special online qi-field.

This year’s SOL course will start with a special lecture by Dongyue Su. The lecture, which will be held in English without translation, will end with qi-regulation.

Last summer’s SOL-course, with a duration of 9 days, was highly appreciated. Below follows some comments from the course:

”Just amazing to experience the Summer Course qi-field at home! It was fantastic, I’m very thankful.”

”It was like if the training hall in Nossebro moved in to my house. Just wonderful.”

”I had Summer Course-feeling inside of me the whole time, it’s still here. It often felt like I was training in Nossebro. Lovely, thanks.”

”It was nice to have unoccupied afternoons. A strong feeling of energy. Great training.”

You can read the whole course report via this link: Summer Course Training On Line [2020-06-22]

The course lasts from Monday 28 June – Thursday 15 July. You can participate for 18 or 9 days, either the first nine days, from 28 June – 6 July, or the last nine days, 7 July – 15 July.

We practise for three hours every day, 08:30 – 11:30, Swedish time. The first hour we practise La Qi with Dongyue Su and Hold Qi Up with six repetitions. The second hour we practise arm training. The third hour we end with Xing Shen Zhuang and qi-regulation. The last hour is open only for those who have learned Xing Shen Zhuang on our nine days Summer Course in Nossebro.

We hope you will participate on our powerful SOL-course. Sign up for the course by sending a mail to the following address State your name and email, if you wish to participate for 2 or 3 hours per day and 9 or 18 days. If you want to participate for nine days, please notify us if it´s for the first or the last nine days.

The price for 18 days is SEK 4300 for three hours, SEK 3000 for two hours training per day. The price for 9 days is SEK 2400 for three hours, SEK 1700 for two hours training per day. Make the transaction before the course starts at our BG 862-0171. If you make the transaction from outside Sweden: IBAN: SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 and BIC: SWEDSESS.

If you have joined our 9 days Summer Course you can participate in the lecture, even if you don’t participate on the course. The price for the lecture is SEK 500, payment according to above.