Summer Course Training Online [2021-01-02]

European Zhineng Qigong summer course practice at the very beginning of each new year has become a much appreciated tradition for EZQ students. Those five days of practice are experienced by many as an excellent start to the new year.

The course has been arranged for more than 20 years to date, and is usually held alternately in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Due to the pandemic, in 2021 the course was delivered online. As a result, this year over a hundred participants in England, Finland, Norway and Sweden were able to practice together for two or three hours each day. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to practice together despite the pandemic and that the Qi-field feels strong during our online practice. 

Here is a selection of comments after the course. 

Mentally more stable

“I experienced a big difference between the first and the last day, I especially got mentally more stable! Calmer and happier. My body was softer, more straight and stronger. I’m grateful to have such a strong Qi-field at home. My son and my cat have also enjoyed themselves in the Qi-field” 

Strong qi-field

“I experienced the Qi-field very strongly.” 

Practice together

“It is great to be able to practice together even though we cannot meet. A very good start to the new year. I became more alert, have less pain and improved my balance.” 


“I experience the Qi-field as strongly at home as during the ordinary winter and summer courses. It is fantastic! Thank you to everyone who makes this possible.” 

Safe and comfortable

“I could do SOL every morning. It feels so safe and nice! It gives an awesomefoundation for the day. So wonderful! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I am so grateful for Zhineng Qigong.” 

The whole family gets it’s share

“Thank you for a great workout! The whole family gets it’s share of the strong Qi-field. We all get better at love, tolerance, responsibility, and calm.” 

Breathe easier and happier

“I can breathe easier (less allergic) and I feel happier after the course.” 

Better in my back

“I experienced that my back problems have gotten a little better since the course. The online courses are very time-saving!” 


“It was very beneficial to practice in the Qi-field, it was powerful and my energy increased significantly. Improved concentration, improved sleep. In short: wonderful!” 

The pain disappeared

“The pain in my chest when I inhale disappeared after two days of practicing and gradually my shortness of breath reduces when I walk and I can take more steps without stopping.”

Strong Qi

“It was a really good boost just after Christmas when the days are short and cold. I am feeling very positive about managing lockdown here in England and am sure it is connected to all the Qigong that I am doing online. I can feel very strong Qi when I practice”.

Lifeline during the pandemic

“Doing the online training and particularly the SOL training has been a real lifeline to me during the pandemic lockdown days. I have loved having a reason to get up early (7.30 in the UK!) and feeling that I am transported to the Qi-field in Nossebro doing the SOL, and feeling the presence of my Qigong friends when we are practicing together. I really miss it when it ends, so am very glad the monthly SOL weekends are available. The online training generally, and the SOL in particular, has helped me to become much more calm, to feel very well and in control of my life, both physically and emotionally. It has been training me to always think, “I can always become still more relaxed” – in my shoulders, all over my body, and in my mind. Ongoing stiffness and pain in my shoulders, neck, knees and back has improved or disappeared completely, and if I have a day with low mood, I have slept better and can recover more quickly after doing SOL. My digestion has improved – previously I had a tendency to get digestive pain and problems, but this has significantly improved.

I am so grateful for all the online training and feel very privileged to be able to take part. It has helped me to get through this pandemic, and because of it, I am now feeling healthier than when it started. Thank you.”