Reflections From You About Our Online Training and Our Online Qi-Field

One participant who had just tried to practice online wrote the following to us:

“It will be exciting to participate in the Qigong training online. I participated in SOL last week and I really felt the qi-field. What a difference from practicing on your own. In addition, you become more motivated to exercise when you do it together.”

Many people express to us in different ways how grateful they are for the opportunity to practice online with us. Several wish that we continue with online training even after the pandemic, when we reopen regular courses. Here’s how a participant in the survey wrote after our 5-day SOL course in October:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to practice online in this way. It is so convenient to be able to participate in long Qigong courses at home, without all the practical stress that it involves organizing a trip to a physical course. I miss my Qigong friends and look forward to the day we can meet physically again, but I hope that the opportunity to participate online continues even after the pandemic, as a complement to physical courses.”

Below are a few more comments after that course:

“I feel that the stiffness in my legs got better, I feel happier and fitter, more motivated to start practicing daily again, calmer, warmer in my body, it became increasingly easier to physically and mentally and practice during these 5 days.”

“It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to practice 5 mornings in October. I experienced the qi-field strongly, especially this weekend! Thank you for a great training session!”

“The circulation in my legs got better, slept better, less short of breath and could walk longer distances without getting out of breath.”

“So happy to be able to practice at home so I easily get it done. That’s a great opportunity. Thanks!!! My Qigong family.”

“I have improved my balance, got softer in my body and calmer in my mind.”

“I have managed to practice much more than I normally do. Strong qi-field! Thank you!”