Qigong is important to Anders

Qigong is a training art. You start by learning how to perform the movements. Later you add different ways of thinking and different ways to relate to life and the situations you meet in life. Then what remains is to practice to apply what you have learnt, and you continue the rest of your life. After practicing more or less regularly for 7 to 8 years and participating in rather many courses, it is quite natural that I still regard myself as a beginner in Qigong. But it does not mean that I already haven’t had much benefit and pleasure to practice.Anders Henschen

What benefits have I got by practicing Zhineng Qigong?

Yes, my body has become lithe, calmer, more concentrated, less stressed. My social competence has raised, I have become more social. It is easier for me to spend time with other people. I listen more to other people’s sayings. Maybe I put myself less in the centre and consider other people’s wishes a little bit more.

I have less body problems, e.g. my posture is better, and my back has straightened. I have become 1 – 2 cm longer. I am more aware about how I use my body. E.g. I can easier understand which working positions that are not so good for me and try to avoid them.

I have not yet got rid of my Tinnitus, but I have become less sensitive for strong sounds. I understand better what is useful and less useful to me. The next step will be to only chose things that are good to me, and at the same time avoid things that are less good to me (I have not yet reached that point …).

As my body has become less tense, I can sing better now than by the time I started to practice Qigong. I sleep less than before, without being more tired.

To start to practice Qigong is the beginning of a new way to lead your life. To continue to change, requires that you practice what you have learnt. Therefore I participate in all training groups that I possibly can, when I am not occupied by something else of importance. I also try to practice at home by myself each day.

I am lucky to be able to practice at work in the morning; not in the working hours, but we practice together in some conference room.

I feel that Qigong is one of the most important things that have happened to me.

Anders Henschen