Peten got better vision and several other improvements after a weekend course

My name is Anne Margrethe, but everyone calls me “Peten”. I am 82 years old and recently attended a weekend course in Hold Qi Up in Bergen. I have trained six weeks with the group in Bergen since the course.

Renewal of driving license


I recently visited my doctor with the hope of getting my driving license renewed. I have previously undergone eye surgery for cataracts, so an important part of the examination was to find out if my vision was good enough for a renewal. I use glasses every day, so-called progressive glasses that works both as regular glasses and reading glasses. When my doctor tested my vision, he told me to read some letters off of a chart. I started reading at the top where the letters were at their largest. As I read farther and farther down the letters became smaller and smaller, and I even read the letters on the bottom line where they were at their smallest! That I was very happy about. It was a little unexpected that my vision was that good.

The driving license was within reach!

My doctor then told me to do the same test, but without glasses this time, to see how good my vision really was. I took off my glasses and started at the top again and read downwards. It went very well. I could read the bottom line even without using glasses! I cannot remember that I have managed to do that before! My doctor was very surprised and said I might not need glasses that much anymore.

Improved vision

Considering my surgery for cataracts, it is, according to my doctor, not possible to improve the eyes and the vision. Despite this, I have noticed that if the light is good I can sometimes read both on the PC and in magazines without any glasses. I cannot understand this in any other way that it must have been the Qigong training that has given me better vision.

My head also feels lighter and clearer. I have previously had some visual disturbances, which my doctors have called migraine with aura without headaches. What’s special about this kind of migraines is that it affects the vision and that when you suffer from this kind of migraines you have a greater risk of stroke. For what happens is that it starts to flicker at the top right of the eyes and then the vision disappears completely on the left side of both eyes. After the weekend course this problem is completely gone!

Several other improvements

The improvement of my vision is not the only thing that has happened. Earlier, I have had pains in my right knee and leg, but these pains have now disappeared. My cold feet are becoming increasingly warm. I get much less cramps in the calves and feet during the night. I do not visit the toilet that much anymore during night time and suffer less from itching. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis, which is particularly painful in three of my fingers on the right hand. Now, these three fingers hurt less, and I can even straighten those fingers better than before. Daily, I use hearing aids but a few times over the last few weeks I have had to take them off, since the sound has become too loud, so something is happening with my hearing too.

Excited to continue practicing Qigong

I am very surprised and happy for all the health improvements I have achieved in such a short time. I am so grateful for hearing about Qigong, and in that way got the chance to try this out. I attend the group trainings in Bergen each week and it feels very good. It is a nice atmosphere there and I can talk to others who have trained Qigong longer than I have. I practice regularly at home and I am now curious about what the future brings. I find this quite exciting and I am determined to continue practicing Qigong.

Anne Margrethe “Peten” Ellingsen