Johannes wrists got well

My name is Johannes Nordgaard and I am 21 years old. I study music at the Gothenburg Musical University.

In April two years ago while playing percussion in a salsa group I overstrained both of my wrists. They became inflamed and were rather painful. The pain made everyday chores such as brushing my teeth, opening a door or driving a car difficult while practising with my main instrument, the contrabass, was simply impossible! The inflammation came at the worst possible time, a mere week before the admission tests for the music courses on the folk high schools that I wanted to join. I have previously had similarly difficult inflammations of the wrists and it took me months to get rid of those.

Johannes used Zhineng Qigong to get rid of his pains A few days later I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper about a Weekend Course in Zhineng Qigong in Bollnäs. It said, among other things, that you could get rid of pain, so I decided to try it. In the two days that the course lasted I could feel some things happening and the after the course I found that my wrist problems were gone! Since then I have practised Zhineng Qigong practically every day. And I also joined this year’s Summer Course.

I joined one of the folk high schools and now I have joined the Gothenburg Musical University. Practising Zhineng Qigong helps me keep calm and relaxed while practising music and, above all, I am no longer afraid of the problems with the shoulders, back and wrists which are so very common among musicians.

Johannes Nordgaard

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