Happy New Year and Merry New Habits!

New year is the time for promises. But what exactly is a New year’s resolution? Often it is a commitment to change something for the better, that is, to add a good habit or replace a bad one with a more favourable behaviour. In Qigong, people often talk about good habits as something that provides long-term benefits. Bad habits, on the other hand, often provide short-term advantages but long-term disadvantages. Since the benefits of a good habit lie further into the future, it is not difficult to understand why many New Year’s resolutions are broken. If you want to make lasting changes in your life, we have gathered some advice on how to increase your chances for success.

Motivation – Doing what you usually do is easy for the brain, so implementing a change requires energy. To change a behaviour therefore requires motivation. Think about what is important to you and how the change will benefit you in the long run. Doing so makes it easier to stay focused on the goal during the time it takes to stick to the new habit.

Planning – Nobody’s everyday life is the same and in order to realize your goals you need to adapt them to your circumstances. Doing so reduces the risk of aiming too high and the disappointment if it becomes impossible to keep up with the new habit.

Togetherness – For many people, it is easier to implement a change jointly. Being able to share goals, successes and setbacks with others who have the same goal, believe in you and want to support you in your efforts can make the journey easier.

Be kind to yourself – Making a change, joining a good habit or getting rid of a bad one is difficult. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying! If you fall back into old tracks, take new steps the next day. Do not try to compensate or make up for it, just continue with the change you have in mind. It is completely natural not to succeed a hundred percent, but if you get angry with yourself, the risk increases that you will not continue to implement the change because failures will be too painful. Instead, focus on the small progress and value it.

Good luck in your quest!