Christer can manage his back problems

Christer Eklöf In 1986 I had my first lumbago in the lumbar area. In 1996, while working with a patient in the dentist’s chair, I all of a sudden got trouble with my neck. The pain was difficult but I continued to work, but it did not disappear. Eventually the pain spread down my arm, so that I had to stop working. I started to take strong painkillers, but that did not help.

I saw an acupressurist and that was the only treatment to bring me a couple of hours of relief from the pain.

I asked my acupuncturist if he knew of anything that I could do myself, and he advised me to try a Qigong course.

I joined my first Weekend Course in 1997. On the Weekend Course I got Qi regulation on my neck and it had effect, but since it was cold outdoors, it snapped back again when I walked out. After the Weekend Course while on my way to the Monday Evening Training, I discovered that the position of my feet had changed, my feet were parallel to each other.

During 1997 after the Summer Course my neck and back were completely free of pain for about six months, but eventually the pain returned. I joined more courses, Summer Courses and that had an influence on my neck and lumbar area. Dun Qiang made the lumbar area relax. I do not think so much about my lumbar area now since it is rather free of pain.

During a two-day camp holiday I happened to fall asleep without any training. Back home, when getting out of bed, I got stabbing pain in my lumbar area. That goes to show that it is important to practise on a continuous basis. By training for one and a half or two hours every day, I am able to keep myself free of pain.

Nowadays I sleep for six hours instead of eight, and I also feel more energetic and alert when I come home from work. Before, I could fall asleep already when I got home. I have also resumed my work as a dentist and it works rather well as long as I do not sit too long in static, uncomfortable positions. I do not take any pain killers.

Christer Eklöf