Berit reduced her anxiety

During 1981 I suffered from the burn out syndrome for the first time. In 1983 I got tinnitus on my left ear. Around 1983/1984 I threw away all my medicine, both anti depressive drugs and sleeping pills. I have not used anti depressive drugs since then.

In 1985 I got an unpleasant pressure inside my head, a condition which has stayed with me. At the beginning of the 90’s I developed pain in my bones and muscles. In the Spring of 1996 I stopped my work and after some time I had an early retirement pension.

Berit has practised Zhineng Qigong since 1998I joined my first Weekend Course in 1998. In the Autumn of 1998 I started to join the Organized Evening Training every week and I practised a little more sporadically at home. Since The Summer of 1999 I have practised more at home as well. Some periods I practised every day while in others I practised a little less, but still several times a week. In later years I have practised every day. I make use of all the exercises that I have learned on the different courses.

I use Zhineng Qigong as an energy pump. That was one of the first things I found out about the training. Your energy levels are raised at once and unpleasant tension becomes less difficult.

One concrete example of how I am able to use the training: I woke up early, soaking wet from sweating after a troubled sleep. I felt anxiety and I had a headache. There was no point in staying in bed so I got up. After a while I started to practise to a CD. Having finished the training I went to bed and I actually fell asleep. Later during the day this anxiety came back like claws in my stomach. I decided to practise Qigong again and directly after making that decision the anxiety and the claws in my stomach disappeared. Then I did the training.

The training has become my daily companion and without it my quality of life would have been much lower. For every situation there is one or other Zhineng Qigong exercise that can strengthen me, put me in balance and increase my energy levels. It is like a brilliant tool box which is easy to carry with you.

Berit Gjørtz