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Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

European Zhineng Qigong

My Story

Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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Surprising vision improvement – doesn’t have to wear glasses after 30 years

Published: 02 Oct 2017

StinaPain in her shoulders got Stina to start practising qigong 21 years ago. She has continued with that since then. The pain disappeared. Something she had not expected was that her vision would improve significantly. After 30 years with glasses, she did not need them anymore.

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Major recovery after stroke

Published: 14 Aug 2017

Tove-KarinAfter several heart attacks Tove-Karin had a stroke. Her rehabilitation was continuing  but after the stroke she had brain haemorrhage and her progress deteriorated. Would a basic course in zhineng qigong help? Yes, the result was astonishing. Since two years Tove-Karin is regularly practising every week.

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Annette got a tool to deal with the grief after the loss of her life partner

Published: 08 Sep 2014

Annette got a tool to deal with the grief after the loss of her life partnerWhen Annette's life partner since 43 years passed away, she joined a Zhineng Qigong course and got a tool to deal with the grief and the energy needed to learn to live alone. It has proven to be among the best investments she has done! It has also given her great calm and fixes various bodily flaws.

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John is healthier, fitter and a lot happier

Published: 03 Apr 2011

John is healthier, fitter and a lot happierJohn feels fitter and a lot happier in his life and after the summer courses a lung infection disappeared.

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Qigong help's Ellen against MS

Published: 15 Oct 2010

Qigong helps Ellen against MSEllen's MS-fatigue has improved and the hearing nerve has healed. She has been able to reduce her medicines and she needs less sleep.

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Practising Qigong at any place and any time. Share your experiences (Tip us up)!

One of the advantages of practising qigong is that you can keep practising even when
you are travelling. Lynn from Ekenäs in the southwest of Finland has practised with us
for several years. Now she and her family have taken a year off and are touring New
Zeeland. When we asked her what about practising during the trip she wrote this:

“When we toured New Zeeland for five weeks with the whole family in a camper (mobile
home or RV) I war really enjoying my practising. The camper was
too cramped but in every camping site we found, my husband and I, found a small
area for our practise. Sometimes between two campers,
sometimes next to a motorway but also beautiful calm places like meadows, beaches and
next to rivers. New Zeeland is an incredibly beautiful country so the great problem was
keeping your eyes shut! Travelling a lot in the camper in a short
time I felt a profound gratitude to be able to start the morning by practising qigong. I felt
that the body got more supple and I could charge up on energy.” 

qigong-nya-zealand-lynn(1) (1).jpg 

Do you have experiences of practising qigong when travelling? Or maybe in other times
and places when you might think that it would be hard to do? Please text us
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share your experiences and tip us up how to to it!

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Biggest course of this winter is over - now heading towards the Summer Courses

The Winter Course is a training course where we meet, live and practise together for a whole week. Our main focus is on the Shenxin Qigong exercise, but we also do other Qigong exercises. This year we had over a hundred participants. We practised a great deal, but we also had time for socializing in the evenings and during the breaks.

Next up are the Summer Courses, two 9-day courses where number two follows directly after number one. Book your place at the first course here. Book your place at the second course here.

Here are some photos from the Winter Course!

The lawn outside the school was bright green during the first days of the course.
Eventually we did have some snow though.

We stayed at Karlskoga Folk High school, which we have been doing for the last
couple of years.

Practising in the hall.

In the middle of the course we had half a day off for other activities. Some went on a
little trip, others stayed in the area. Weather was quite inconsistent during the course
but on that day we had lots of snow.


Close by to the school they had activities for the winter break; swedish “fika”
(drinking coffee or tea), baking and crafts.

Practising Shenxin outside.



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“The pain in my shoulders as well as the one in my lumbar area disappeared after two months of daily training”

Many participants have got help from qigong training to get rid of pain and ache. Here you can
read what some of them says about it. We have previously published another article about this
which you can read here.



”My brother and my sister in law had joined a summer course already and they strongly
recommended me to do the same. In the summer of 2000 it was time for me to join one. The
most revolutionary thing that happened to me was that the pain in my leg disappeared”

Read more about Birgitta here. 



”So I joined the course and after two days my neck was much less strained. Now I can move my
head the way I want. After five days I could feel that the pain in my shoulder was decreasing
and the mobility in the joint was coming back. It's no longer the same pain and stiffness that I've
had for seven years.”

Read more about Elisabeth here. 



”Before I practised Qigong I went to the doctor and he gave me painkillers. Today I can handle
the problems myself with Qigong. I've got a tool that I can use to take care of myself.”

Read more about Marie-Louise here. 



”The pain in my shoulders as well as the one in my lumbar area disappeared after two months
of daily training.”

Read more about Peter here. 

We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here.


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Training trip with Ving 

We have now established a cooperation with the Swedish tour operator Ving and will arrange our first training trip together between the 23rd and 30th of September 2019. Our destination will be the lovely Sandy Bay Beach on Cyprus.


We will teach a curriculum that is equivalent to our courses Hold Qi Up and Hold Qi Up 2. We will also add some extra teachings around using qigong as a traveler as well as some extra training since we plan to do approximately 30 hours of training during the trip.


We offer discounts for you if you already joined our courses before according to the details below. You can use one of the discount codes below and will get a price reduction when booking the trip at Ving’s website.

If you joined our basic Hold Qi Up course we offer a 1000 SEK discount and you should use the discount code ”Grundkurs”.

If you joined at least one of our summer courses the discount will instead be 1500 SEK and you should use the code ”Sommarkurs”.


To read more about and book the trip we refer you to Ving’s website




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