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European Zhineng Qigong

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Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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Major recovery after stroke

Published: 14 Aug 2017

Tove-KarinAfter several heart attacks Tove-Karin had a stroke. Her rehabilitation was continuing  but after the stroke she had brain haemorrhage and her progress deteriorated. Would a basic course in zhineng qigong help? Yes, the result was astonishing. Since two years Tove-Karin is regularly practising every week.

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Hanne remains pain free in spite of rheumatism

Published: 28 Oct 2017

Hanne started practicing 2005. In 2014 when she was diagnosed with rheumatism, the doctor was surprised by her mobility and relative painlessness. During the Summer course she demonstrated how she could wave her toes and bend her knees. For Hanne, the mental change is however the most important.

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Evelyne Could Lift and Carry her Son for the First Time in Three Years

Published: 04 Jul 2018

120x180 persber sommar 2018 2Because of back problems Evelyne couldn't lift and carry her son for three years. After she had practiced qigong for around two months she managed. "It was as if he had a whole new mother!" During her first Summer Course she got more improvements.

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Thor's terrible headaches disappeared

Published: 02 Apr 2012

Thor is 79 years old, has Horton's Headache and has suffered from very intense headaches for the last four years. After attending a weekend Hold Qi Up course, his headaches have stopped and he is pain free.

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Carolina's pernicious anemia and two whiplash injuries healed with Zhineng Qigong

Published: 17 Oct 2014

Carolina's pernicious anemia and two whiplash injuries healed with Zhineng QigongZhineng Qigong has helped me with many things in my life. In fact, it has helped me to develop in every area of my life that I can think of.

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Gittan no longer bothered by varicose veins and poor posture

Published: 10 Oct 2014

Gittan no longer bothered by varicose veins and poor postureGittans aching legs and mild incontinence disappeared, the shoulders have healed and blood pressure and blood count was restored by qigong.

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Give the day a Good Start by Practicing Qigong!

While some by nature have plenty of energy in the morning, for others that part of the day can be very difficult. Due to the state of health one can experience problems with everything from waking up, getting out of bed, stiffness in the morning, pain or bad temper. Practicing Qigong can be one way of reducing the difficult things and instead get a feeling of well-being in the morning. European Zhineng Qigong teaches several methods that are good to practice in the morning, but which to choose? We have asked some of our participants about what they practice in the morning and in what way it helps them to get a better start of the day. During the autumn we will publish their ideas in a short series consisting of three different parts. The first is a person who starts the morning by practicing Hold Qi Up.



Hold Qi Up in the morning makes my body supple and my mind calm

”I practice Hold Qi Up in the morning because it gives my day a very good start. It is a nice way of getting the body started and I feel good by starting the day by getting supple. If I am stiff and in pain it disappears by practicing. I also feel that I acquire balance by Hold Qi Up, my mind is calm. After practicing in the morning I can start the day in a calm and ordered way even if I have plenty to do. Practicing gives me a structure for the whole day. Even if there is a lot of things going on in my life and a lot of things happen it is as if I have a basic calm with which to meet the day. Practice makes me happier. My dog too likes my practicing Hold Qi Up, she has noticed that I play more with her then!”



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At the Office - Better Posture and Concentration when Practising Qigong

One of our aims when practising Qigong is to manage our everyday life better. Many of us spend a great deal of time at work, so coping with our work and preventing work-related injuries can be important for us.

One of our participants works as a consultant in IT and sits a lot at the computer. Through practising Qigong his capacity to concentrate has grown and his posture has improved. “It is much easier to focus despite intense periods of work with a lot to do. When it comes to my body posture I am now able to feel which way of sitting is better for my body and which is less so.”

He also claims Qigong has helped him when cooperating with others. “It is easier to see to the result of the group as a whole, when before I used to focus more on my own accomplishment.“

Do you have experiences of the effects of Qigong at work and do you want to share them with us on the webpage? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Meet the Autumn With Qigong Courses in Norway and Finland

During the 17th to the 20th of October European Zhineng Qigong offers the annual Autumn Courses this year in Oslo (Norway) and Pargas (Finland).


The Autumn Course is a four days long training course particularly aimed at you who have earlier taken part in one or more basic courses of Hold Qi Up. During an Autumn Course we go through the things you have learnt during the basic course again, we introduce some new things and we practice much more than during a basic course. To practice more during several consecutive days makes it easier to relax and to focus on practicing and this makes it easier to get better results.


The Autumn Course has been created by European Zhingeng Qigong as a step between our basic courses and our Summer Courses of 9 and 18 days. The general idea is that the Autumn Course will make it easier to practice a little more before taking the step to enrol in the Summer Course. For some frequent Summer Course participants the Autumn Course has been the way there. 


In spite of the fact that the Autumn Courses above all are aimed at participants who have taken part in a basic course it also suits more advanced participants who want to repeat and practice Hold Qi Up. The mix of new and experienced participants makes the practicing powerful and gives a good foundation for helping each other correcting the movements. The Autumn Courses are also a good opportunity to meet fellow Qigong practicioners, to share Qigong experiences and to meet friends from earlier courses.


This year the Autumn Course in Pargas, Finland is a course with bed and full board which means that we both practice and live together. During the course in Oslo, Norway, the participants meet during the day and practice, exactly like a basic course. 


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The Autumn Courses 2017
Click here for the course report for the course in Finland and click here for the report for the course in Norway, which was arranged in Bergen.


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The Vanishing Mole – a Result From Summer Course 1 2019

Janna has been practicing with us for several years and took part in Summer Course 1 this year. Here she tells us about what happened when she came home from the course:

Shortly before I left for the course I went to my doctor to get a new certificate for my physiotherapy. He also checked on a mole on my back that was bleeding at times and had started to change colour. The doctor thought that it looked a bit doubtful and that it was important to remove it surgically and send it to the pathologist for a check-up.

Sometimes during the course it hurt me when my assistant lifted me up, it was in an uncomfortable place on the back. I put an elastoplast on my back to prevent it from bleeding too much. The last afternoon after the shower I forgot to put the elastoplast on.

The day after I returned from the Summer Course I had an appointment with my doctor to surgically remove the mole. When my assistant and the doctor lifted my tunic to look at the mole and start the proceedings, there was, to everyone’s amazement, no mole there! The doctor scrutinized the skin where the mole had been and could only come to the conclusion that the skin looked quite healthy. He said that at present nothing was needed but that I should come back if the mole turned up again, put at present everything looked quite healthy.

During a qi-regulation during the course I wished that the mole would disappear by itself so that I would not have to be put under the knife. I do not know when it loosened and fell off, maybe the last night, the last morning or during the trip home! Anyhow it was a marvellous surprise!

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