Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

European Zhineng Qigong

My Story

Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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Tuina helped Gun-Erna with whiplash, serious tremors and a complicated fracture

Published: 19 Nov 2017

Gun-Erna in her garden

Gun-Erna had painful and long-lasting injuries after a car accident. In addition, she had developed a problem with severe shaking. Her son, who practices Zhineng Qigong with us, gave her Tuina. The result was some noticeable improvements.

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Evelyne Could Lift and Carry her Son for the First Time in Three Years

Published: 04 Jul 2018

120x180 persber sommar 2018 2Because of back problems Evelyne couldn't lift and carry her son for three years. After she had practiced qigong for around two months she managed. "It was as if he had a whole new mother!" During her first Summer Course she got more improvements.

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Qigong Helped Gunilla to Get Rid of Sciatica and Mental Problems

Published: 11 Sep 2009

Qigong Helped Gunilla to Get Rid of Sciatica and Mental ProblemsAfter a tough period of time Gunilla became burned out and she got post-traumatic stress syndrome. Through Zhineng Qigong she got a key to her body and soul.

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Ellen has continued to get fantastic results from the qigong training

Published: 30 Aug 2014

Ellen's has continued to get fantastic results from the qigong trainingEllen ms-affected leg healed and she can now both walk and run again. She's back at work and can focus better. The training has helped her become so well that the family has been increased with little Valdemar. 

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Pre-Registration Through the Website for the Courses in EasyCare - Comb Arranged During This Year’s Summer Courses

Just like last year we will also this summer arrange our popular course in EasyCare - comb during this year’s Summer Course, one time during level 1 and one time during level 2. The courses are only open for those who participate in the Summer Course. The course, which is about an hour long, is held in the evening after scheduled training and teaching. During the courses this summer, new information will be presented which will help us to both understand more and to get better results. Click here or here to read more about EasyCare - comb and comments from participants who use the method.

Now you can register and pay for the course in advance. Register by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write "EasyCare comb", your name and what Summer Course the register refers to, course one or course two, or both.

The price for you who join the course for the first time is SEK 700. The price includes a comb that you get on the Summer Course. For those who have participated in the course before, it costs SEK 100 to repeat.

Payments should be done by june 14 at the latest to PerfectSelf AB. Swedish bank giro: 5265-3672 When paying from abroad: IBAN SE74 8000 0832 7969 3646 0176, BIC SWEDSESS

qigong sommarkurs 2018 maria nossebro

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“My life quality as well as the one of my family have increased significantly. I feel that Qigong has given me my life back. ”

anna barn familj hangmatta1000

Read how some of our participants experience that their qigong training affects family life.


“Training contributes to better stress handling and one of the effects is that you become more present when you are together with the children. It is a positive circle and the children feel more satisfied.”

Read more about Torstein here.



“I do suffer from pain and there is still quite a distance to go, but thanks to Zhineng Qigong I and my family have got a considerably improved quality of life! The difference is so huge that it feels difficult trying to put it in words.”

Read more about Berith here. 



“Regarding my mood swings, my partner tells me I seem much more harmonious now and he had noticed that I can deal with personal conflicts with a greater calm.”

Read more about Johanna here. 



“My life quality as well as the one of my family have increased significantly. I feel that Qigong has given me my life back. ”

Read more about Camilla here.  



“My daughter has also noticed that I'm more calm. If should be irritaded one day, she usually asks: 'Mum, have you practiced today?'"

Read more about Bodil here. 



“Even people around me notice my changes. One day my daughter told me that she thinks that I listen to her much better now.”

Read more about Lotta here.


We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here. 

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Calligraphy "Harmony" - pre-order on our website

In the summer of 2019 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our 18 day Summer Course. A few years ago, for our 20th anniversary, participants had the opportunity to buy a hand written calligraphy of the word "Qi". Many have said that the calligraphy is a nice addition to their training room which helps them to get in the mood for practice.

For this Summer Course, you have the opportunity to buy another calligraphy. This time, of the Chinese word for "Harmony". The calligraphy serves to spread a harmonious atmosphere and potentially help practitioners get into and sustain a state of peace and harmony. The calligraphy comes in a photoframe with the dimensions 18x24 cm (13x18 cm picture size with passepartout). You may choose between either a black or white frame, the calligraphy may either be standing or hanging on the wall. The price is 500 SEK. Only you who join the Summer Course this summer are able to get one (maximum one per person). We only have a limited number and cannot guarantee that everyone gets one.

Pre-order of the calligraphy "Harmony"

Book your calligraphy by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and write which color of the frame you wish. If there are any left, we will send you a confirmation email with payment information.

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Happy Easter!

Sring has arrived with light and warmth. Many celebrate by eating their favourite food, and spending time with their loved ones, and maybe going for walks and gathering  signs of spring. Whatever you do, we hope that you do, it with peace and joy, and we wish you a very Happy Easter from the European Zhineng Qigong "family"!

Here comes a mixture of spring pictures of flowers and embroidered shoes which might inspire.

blomma gul var3 2019

blomma vit var 2019

qigongskor broderi faglar annis

blomma gul var2 2019

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