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Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

European Zhineng Qigong

My Story

Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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Seriously ill with ME – the summer course gave me my life back

Published: 29 Jun 2015

The Summer course gave me my life backI found myself dining with many people in the dining hall – without any problem. At home I have not even been able to sit at the dinner table with my own family. This is a quote from Hege, one of the participants who have had good results in this year’s summer course.

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John is healthier, fitter and a lot happier

Published: 03 Apr 2011

John is healthier, fitter and a lot happierJohn feels fitter and a lot happier in his life and after the summer courses a lung infection disappeared.

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Livia’s leg straightened out

Published: 28 Jun 2015

Livia 70Livia has suffered from runner’s knee for a long time due to an uncurable, genetic problem. During the summer course she noticed that her leg had straightened out.

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Qigong made Anne-Grethe stronger and healthier

Published: 14 Oct 2009

Qigong made Anne-Grethe stronger and healthierAfter a Summer Course, Anne-Grethe's back pain disappeared and her immune system and balance improved. She says she got her life back as a gift after years of hibernation.

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Janna's Muscular Disease Is Improving

Published: 25 Mar 2011

Janna's Muscular Disease Is ImprovingJanna suffers from a rare muscular disease which limits her life in many ways. Thanks to Zhineng Qigong her life quality has improved in many ways. Her tinnitus has been reduced.

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Basic Course in Örebro

European Zhineng Qigong arranges courses in the weekends in many cities. In some cities we have been giving our courses for several years, in other cities we have just started our activities. When we start teaching in a new city it is usually because someone who has already taken our courses wants people in their hometown to have the same opportunity as they have had practising Qigong. Not to mention, it is very helpful having people in your hometown that you can practise along with, and offer each other support and inspiration for the training. In many of the cities where we give basic courses in the weekend we also start up weekly trainings, making it easier to hold on to a training routine.


In spring 2019 we arrange a basic course in Hold Qi Up, for the first time in Örebro, Sweden. The course is due 16th to 7th of March. Friday evening the 15th you can join a lecture for free. Sign up for the course here. Find all our courses for spring 2019 here

Welcome to our courses!


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Thanks for the Past Year!

We hope that you’ve had a good Christmas and we thank you all for a year filled with a lot of training and lovely community, both during and outside courses. Here come pictures from some of all the courses we’ve arranged during 2018.


The Summer Course Training



2018 started with well-attended Summer Course Training days in Gothenburg – 5 days of training straight after new year. Click here to sign up for the Summer Course training 2019, which is arranged in Stockholm January 2-6. 


The Winter Course



The Winter Course we as usual arranged it for week 8 as usual. 2018 we were almost 100 participants. “These eight days I have had more energy than I have had for the past five years.”, a participant said who joined the Winter Course for the first time. Click here to sign up for the Winter Course 2019.


The training trip to Spain


A picture from the trip to Spain in April 2018. “This course has strengthened me a lot, both mentally and physically. Qigong is my life saver.” Click here to register for the trip to Spain 2019.


The Summer Courses




Some pictures participants took during this year’s Summer Courses. Many participants had improvements during the courses, for example a participant who joined the Summer Course for the first time said: “I came here with a very tired brain after an intense period in my life, but after only two days I felt that my mental situation was much better.”


The Autumn Courses



The Autumn Courses were as usual arranged both in Norway and Finland. In Norway it took place in Oslo for the first time.


Basic Courses


During 2018 we arranged more than 60 basic courses. In the course program you can find the courses for the spring term 2019. In January you can attend Hold Qi Up in Bollnäs and Oslo and Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Bodø.

European Zhineng Qigong wishes you a Happy New Year!


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Read About Jessica's Improvements in This Week's Issue of Allas

In this week's issue (no. 50) of the Swedish magazine Allas is a report about Jessica, one of our students. She got sick in narcolepsy after a vaccination against swine flu. She got, among other things, episodes of muscle weakness, periods of daytime sleepiness, nightmares and hallucinations. By practising Qigong she gets more energy, she gets more awake and the symptoms of the disease gets alleviated. Zhineng Qigong is her key back to life. The article can at the moment only be read in the printed paper available in stores in Sweden now.

If you are interested in reading about more people who have got health improvements by practising Zhineng Qigong, click here.

nossebro nossan qigong qigongkurs sommarkurs 2018

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Why Putting up Posters?

Putting up posters is one of several methods we use to catch peoples attentions and to be seen. What is the revenue of putting up posters? Well there are several examples of persons practising with us today who, once upon a time, found us because of a poster. Madeleine and Johannes are two of them.

affischtavla stockholm qigong 2018

Madeleine remembers how she got into contact with European Zhineng Qigong for the first time. She was sitting in her physician’s waiting room when one of our posters caught her eye. She had just had some bad news and was crying when she looked up and saw the poster with someone practising qigong. She had never before heard of qigong but it immediately caught her interest. ”Qigong… training yourself… that I thought is what I am looking for” she told. It felt good to find something she could do herself every day, earlier she had had to run around to different places to get help. Today she has been practising for more than 14 years and is still enjoying it.

affischtavla malin livia stockholm qigong 2018

Two qigong practitioners putting up posters in Stockholm during the hot summer.

Johannes has also been practising for a long time. 18 years ago he wanted to take the entrance examinations to the Academy of Music but suffered from inflammation in his wrists. While out walking he saw one of our posters and decided to participate in one of our weekend courses as soon as possible. He did that and the inflammation disappeared. He could do the entrance exams and was accepted. Since then he has continued to practise on a daily basis.

Perhaps you can help putting up posters where you live and practise? Ask a teacher or a contact person if you are interested.

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