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Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

European Zhineng Qigong

My Story

Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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From part time to full time thanks to qigong practice

Published: 22 Oct 2018

beate-work-full-time-120x180px.jpgAfter a heart surgery in 2017 Beate only managed to work half time. In 2018 she joined the Winter Course and got so well that she could start working full time again. Read and get inspired by the will to keep practice even when things don’t go as planned.


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Mira's fibromyalgia disappeared

Published: 27 Oct 2009

Mira's fibromyalgia disappearedMy symptoms lasted for several years and were very pronounced. My quality of life was so poor that I was proposed for disability pension. Today I have no pains, I take no medication and I have been working full time for several years.

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Thor's terrible headaches disappeared

Published: 02 Apr 2012

Thor is 79 years old, has Horton's Headache and has suffered from very intense headaches for the last four years. After attending a weekend Hold Qi Up course, his headaches have stopped and he is pain free.

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Carolina's pernicious anemia and two whiplash injuries healed with Zhineng Qigong

Published: 17 Oct 2014

Carolina's pernicious anemia and two whiplash injuries healed with Zhineng QigongZhineng Qigong has helped me with many things in my life. In fact, it has helped me to develop in every area of my life that I can think of.

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Lena has reduced her medicines

Published: 19 Oct 2010

Lena has reduced her medicinesLena has dared to reduce her medication for ulcerative colitis thanks to Zhineng Qigong. If she had not practised Qigong, she would probably have had to wear a colostomy pouch today.

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“The pain in my shoulders as well as the one in my lumbar area disappeared after two months of daily training”

Many participants have got help from qigong training to get rid of pain and ache. Here you can
read what some of them says about it. We have previously published another article about this
which you can read here.



”My brother and my sister in law had joined a summer course already and they strongly
recommended me to do the same. In the summer of 2000 it was time for me to join one. The
most revolutionary thing that happened to me was that the pain in my leg disappeared”

Read more about Birgitta here. 



”So I joined the course and after two days my neck was much less strained. Now I can move my
head the way I want. After five days I could feel that the pain in my shoulder was decreasing
and the mobility in the joint was coming back. It's no longer the same pain and stiffness that I've
had for seven years.”

Read more about Elisabeth here. 



”Before I practised Qigong I went to the doctor and he gave me painkillers. Today I can handle
the problems myself with Qigong. I've got a tool that I can use to take care of myself.”

Read more about Marie-Louise here. 



”The pain in my shoulders as well as the one in my lumbar area disappeared after two months
of daily training.”

Read more about Peter here. 

We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here.


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Training trip with Ving 

We have now established a cooperation with the Swedish tour operator Ving and will arrange our first training trip together between the 23rd and 30th of September 2019. Our destination will be the lovely Sandy Bay Beach on Cyprus.


We will teach a curriculum that is equivalent to our courses Hold Qi Up and Hold Qi Up 2. We will also add some extra teachings around using qigong as a traveler as well as some extra training since we plan to do approximately 30 hours of training during the trip.


We offer discounts for you if you already joined our courses before according to the details below. You can use one of the discount codes below and will get a price reduction when booking the trip at Ving’s website.

If you joined our basic Hold Qi Up course we offer a 1000 SEK discount and you should use the discount code ”Grundkurs”.

If you joined at least one of our summer courses the discount will instead be 1500 SEK and you should use the code ”Sommarkurs”.


To read more about and book the trip we refer you to Ving’s website




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Practise With Us in the Warmth of Spain!

This spring it is time again for European Zhineng Qigong’s training trip to Almuñécar in Spain. We practise Hold Qi Up together during seven days from April 27 to May 4. During the course we repeat the exercise but most important, we practise together. We practise morning and evening, the rest of the day is at your disposal. You can just relax or find different holiday activities. This is a course for persons who have attended a basic Qigong course with us earlier but if you have a family interested in coming for a holiday they are welcome to stay in the hotel where the course is taking place. The fee includs – apart from the fee for the course – accomodation in double room for seven nights with half board and a day excursion by coach. The air trip is not included. You book it yourself, therefore it is important to enlist early to be shure to get a flight! For more information, click here.

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Thinking of What to Pack for the Winter Course?

Very soon the Winter Courses is here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced participants about things that might be good to bring.

You can get a copy of the list here.

 Karlskoga Winter Course 2019

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