Birna´s back pain disappeared and she gets a lot of extra energy from practising

My back pain disappeared

“I have a job that is physically heavy and I got back pain and a compressed disc. My ex-boyfriend had heard about qigong and tipped me about it. I practised yoga earlier and could no longer do it because of the problems with my back. I really wanted to find a training method that I could do by myself and regularly. 2011 I did my first basic course and after I started to practise qigong my back pain gradually disappeared. Since that my back got better and stronger. At my work there are many people with back problems and they have the traditional treatment but do not get any better.

Easy to practise qigong

After the back got betterBirna stor I did not know if I should continue with qigong or if I should go back to practise yoga. To know that, I decided to go to the Summer Course the same year and go to both levels to be really sure. I got the impression that this was something good for me and that I would benefit from it. I like the whole concept, it is simple to practise and you don’t need any special equipment or clothes. When I am out travelling somewhere it is easy to practise qigong and if there is not so much space I can always do La Qi.

Seldom ill and handle stress much better

Since I started with qigong I am very seldom ill which before was 1-2 times a year. And the little allergy I suffered from I rarely notice now. Qigong gives me peace mentally and I can handle stress a lot better. If I get stressed I know that I can practise when I come home and then I will feel at peace again.

Supple body and extra energy

I also became more supple and I think that qigong is a softer way than yoga and I do not need to stretch my body anymore. It also gives me extra energy to do other physical training, for example to take walks, so qigong leads to other good things. It is like one good thing leads to another. When I got muscle rupture in my calf I was told that it could take up to 6 weeks to get quite recovered. I started to lay down with my leg up in the air and practice La Qi and eventually I could stand up to practice. After 4 weeks I had a 50 km hiking tour planned and I made it. Even though it had rained and was rocky and steep and was quite hard to walk, it went without any problems.

Qigong gives me higher quality of life on many levels, both physically and mentally and it gives me a surplus of energy.

Birna Dahl