Livia’s leg straightened out

Livia 250I have had shin splints and a knee injury in both my legs due to pronating feet, so called runner’s knee. I have always pronated inwards which has caused my knees to point inwards too. It is genetic and has worsened throughout the years.

Shin splints that did not heal

I participated in my first weekend course half a year ago, in January. I had then suffered from shin splints since November. The inflammation was only painful now and then but it didn’t heal no matter how much I rested and I couldn’t run. I got anti-inflammatory medicin for my knee injury but it didn’t make any difference. Without special insoles I couldn’t walk, it hurt too much.

Improvements already on the first weekend course

During the first weekend course in January, I could hardly stand at first. I had to wear special shoes and a lot of sports tape to keep my knees up. They made popping sounds and felt torn. Without tape it felt like the knees cut into the legs. On Sunday I tried to remove the tape and managed to stand the rest of the afternoon without taped legs. The following Monday I tried to practice without my special shoes and that also went well. I immediately felt a strong trust in the method and participated in four more courses during spring.

The knees straightened out during the summer course

During the summer course I noticed already after a few days that walking felt different. The entire soles of my feet now touched the ground. My knees felt more whole. I could stand with straight, relaxed legs without any popping sounds. And then, during a session of Hold qi up the legs got rotated from the hips to the knees and the feet is now pointing forward instead of inward. My knees and feet now point straight forward instead of inwards. My legs have straightened out.

Tightening the eyesight and hearing

During the course, day out, when we sat and had coffee dropped something into the ear so that I suddenly heard everything clearly. At the same time, I realized that I also look better and brighter than usual. It feels as if I breathe better now.

Livia Van Leuven