Barbro could bend her stiff leg and walk without pain

Improved vocal state

I have been practicing Zhineng Qigong for about 3 years. I first joined a 21-day course in “Vocal presence with Zhineng Qigong”, because I have always been singing in choirs and I wanted to develop my voice. At that time I did not know what Zhineng Qigong was, but it turned out to be a great bonus, helping me to experience a state of singing calmness.Barbro 440

Surprising leg recovery

My leg has been weak and painful for a long time. A year and a half ago I went for a walk. Suddenly my leg folded. I could not do gardening any more, which I love, and walking was very slow and painful. This year I attended my first 9-day Summer Course in Zhineng Qigong. My leg was still hurting very much, and I could not bend my knee at all.

After a Hold Qi Up session, I suddenly found myself bending my knee to the floor. I was so surprised, thinking: “I cannot do this”. Encouraged by the experience I tried to go for a brisk walk, finding my leg was actually not hurting at all any more.

Barbro Falkenland