Daniel got rid of his grass pollen allergy

Get in touch with qigong in the 90s

In the mid 90's, I saw a poster about a free lecture on Zhineng Qigong. I have always been interested in Asian culture, how the body works and the concept of qi and therefore became interested. When we during the lecture did La Qi in Mr. Su's vicinity I directly felt the qi between my hands and both my partner and I attended a weekend course after this. Unfortunately we stopped training pretty quickly.

Check back to Qigong training

Three years ago, fifteen years after I attended my first weekend course my wife Carolina took me with her on an evening training. I was not so eager to start practicing qigong again. In training, I stood next to a teacher and he wondered if I participated in any courses when it skidded a lot when I was doing the movements. He helped me to correct and pretty soon I felt that I should continue. As it has paid off, I have increased my training and I have chosen to prioritize qigong training. I have also made it so that I join as many courses as possible.

In the summer courses in 2013 and 2014 grass pollen allergy disappeared
I had a lot of health problems as a child, allergies and respiratory problems. It was such a big problem that my family moved to the country because it was better for my health. I also had to change schools once because of carpeting that I reacted to. As an adult I have grown out of most of it, but I have had big problems with my grass pollen allergy, which I tried with little success to medicate. It did not help me much, instead I became rather tired, dehydrated and irritated. Two months of the year, one month before and one after midsummer was virtually destroyed. A year ago, I started practicing Shenxin qigong and also increased the dosage of my other qigong training. When I came to my first summer course in 2013, my grass pollen disappeared altogether just after five days, even though it was the middle of summer and high season.

This spring my allergy gradually came back because my training was inconsistent and lacked continuity. I also trained a lot less, and 80% of my allergy symptoms came back. After five days on the summer course in 2014 I was again completely free of my allergy. The day after the allergy disappeared for the second time, a photo of the course participants was to be taken. On the way to the location of the shoot, I went between the freshly cut lawn and thought, gee, how will this go. I chose to trust that the allergy was gone and it went well, I had no symptoms!

Stronger and softer - receive help at work

Stronger and softer - receive help at work

I am tall and thin and was not physically trained when I was younger. I have had to pay for that later because I have not been strong enough in my back to cope with my playing at work as an organist and I have often had pain in back and neck or become tired. I've also been pretty stiff. With the help of my qigong training, my posture has improved, I have become less stiff and no longer have as much pain in the neck and back. I have improved in my work as a musician because I can stand and sit better, practice better, direct better and play better.

Stable blood sugar and blood pressure

I have had low blood pressure and sometimes become dizzy. Thanks to the training, I have no problem with it anymore and I feel strong and stable. The training has also affected my blood sugar levels. Previously, I had to eat every 3-4 hours, otherwise I was low. After I started practicing Shenxin qigong in spring 2013, my blood sugar stabilized and I feel like a completely different person. Today I need to sometimes remind me that I need to eat and I can work in a completely different way than before.

Stress through qigong

I have also had problems with stress and fatigue. Shortly after I started practicing again the qigong training resolved these problems. Now I feel stronger than before I got these symptoms and feel both calmer and happier. I've also got a lot more energy in general.

Qigong is central in the life

I am glad I have grabbed hold of this and besides many good results qigong has given me a lot of new friends. I feel that I am happier and more open than before, and can be more present in a variety of situations. Qigong works on so many different levels, both physical and mental health will be affected. Through the training, I have gained many insights and today qigong is one of the basic building blocks of my life.

Daniel Björkdahl