Annette got a tool to deal with the grief after the loss of her life partner

For several years I had been thinking of joining a Qigong course - but every time something came in between. But in the fall of 2010, I unexpectedly lost my life partner. We had been living together for 43 years and during the past 20 years we both worked in our own business.
I then examined the suitability to attend a course that began three weeks after the death, and subsequently joined the course. After the first day I was very doubtful whether I would cope with the coming day. But in the morning I was more alert than I had been in a long time and therefore I completed the course. It was among the best I've done! I got a tool to deal with the grief and the energy needed to learn to live alone.

Calm and better focus

Many of my friends have asked how I can be so calm. I practice Qigong, I answer, and that's what helped me. You should join and try for yourselves!
I do not know what state I'd been in if I had not started practising.
In addition, several physical flaws have been corrected and the ability to focus on the essential has increased.

Calm and better focus

Facing anxiety, worry and sadness

I'm a working pensioner. When I started practising, I was the project manager for a 3-year cultural project which was intended to document the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Crystal. Since the Swedish glass industry has been largely dismantled over the years it became much bigger and more challenging as a project than anyone could have imagined. During the last year two of the most famous large glassworks where shut down.
This has created great anxiety, worry and sadness for all affected. Generations of craft skills and inalienable experiences has been swept away. In the heavy work of meeting the affected people Qigong became an invaluable support.

Do not just think of yourself

For me the basic philosophy is important in our time and in today's society. That you are not just thinking of yourself but also of your fellow man. We decide how we want to live and what kind of society we want to create and pass on to our descendants. To create virtuous circles between people is important now and for the future.

Annette Krahner