Ellen has continued to get fantastic results from the qigong training

Now is the time to write an updated personal story, the last I wrote was in 2010.

I participated in many courses and practiced a lot at home

I have MS and through others in a similar situation I came in contact with European Zhineng Qigong.
Then, after the summer course in 2010, I could walk 75-100 feet and at that time for me it was a great success. A success that whetted the appetite. The entire year that followed, I thought about what Dongyue Su said: Think that you can walk. Otherwise it was easy to become frustrated by all the discomfort in the right leg when walking. I joined, as usual, as many courses as I could and practised a lot at home.

My legs healed and I can walk and run again

My diseased leg became stronger. During Easter 2011 we held an egg relay race, I did not quite get my leg with me in the running step, but I realized that it was on its way. 2011, I joined the summer course for eighteen days. My clear idea was that "anything is possible". I was extremely determined with my training. It healed my legs! It was an overwhelming experience! An example, I love swimming and I usually swim on the day off. I went there myself this year - I needed a break from all the people, there was so much happening in my body that it was hard to take it all in. I went in, and swam and it was when I had to get out that I realized that I usually have poor balance when I have had a swim. The two previous years I used to have walking poles lying on the beach and always had someone with me who could help me get  to my clothes. What am I to do? I had no choice! Once up I tried to hide my tears of joy when my legs, balance, and I, felt like I did pre-MS. BEFORE my "leg relapse" in March 2004. Since June 2011 I can walk again, even run. Sometimes I think of it as my body becoming free again.

My legs healed and I can walk and run again

The family is increased

There was another strong reason for all the training. My husband and I had both decided that I would go to all these courses and practise as much as I could during a year "to see how well I could become," we had started talking about the possibility that we could try to have children. The neurologist had said that he no longer saw any MS-medical obstacles. Now we have an active little fellow at home 20 months old! I got pelvic girdle pain and other "common pregnancy problems" but was feeling good MS-wise. I practised through the pregnancy, did La qi in pain breaks during birth and then at the birth center when Valdemar was born. It gave me extra strength. Well, you get it; Zhineng Qigong is a real tool in everyday life.

When Valdemar was seven months old I joined the summer course part one, for nine days. I stayed in a caravan with my son and my mom for half the course and during the second half of the course Valdemar was at home with his dad. The practice of Zhineng Qigong means so much to me and for my health that I cannot help but practise at home and join the summer course. I am so grateful that I have a family that sees and understands the importance of training!

I can work, focus better and sleep well

A little bonus effect of the training is that I have become better at focusing and can keep many things in my head. I fall asleep easily, sleep well and would wake up energetic - if my little fellow does not keep me awake. Since I came home from summer course in 2013 I no longer have to stay inside when grass is cut. Instead I can be out and that is something that I had not been able to do for several years. I manage to work half-time, and try to stay happy with that. I am very happy and grateful that I do not notice my illness in my everyday life. I get medicine for MS once a month in the hospital, and thanks to the training I can affect my health myself. Zhineng Qigong is a tool for life! It takes time but is worth every second!

Ellen J. Weist