Annica's ulcerative colitis and shoulder tears gets better

In 2003 I had problems with diarrhoea, bloody stools and severe abdominal pain recurring at intervals. 2004 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which represents a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. My work was stressful. I was working long days and I traveled a lot. Once ulcerative colitis has erupted the disease is easily activated by stress. After a few years of medication with meagre results my doctor suggested repeatedly that my ulcerative colitis should undergo surgery. He said that 80-90% of those who have been operated are satisfied with the result. The surgery involves removing the colon. I thought, what if I belong to the 10 or 20% who are not satisfied and felt hesitant. I started thinking about what I can do to reduce stress in my life.

Starting actively practicing qigong in 2008

I was already several years ago interested in qigong rafter seeing a newspaper article, but took no action. 2007 I read another article about Zhineng Qigong and its positive impact on a prolonged migraine patient. Then I decided that this could be something for me too. I really needed to calm down, learn to stop and listen to my body, think positively and realise that I do not need to have control over everything. I signed up for a weekend course in autumn 2008.
After my first course, I started to practice somewhat regularly at home and participated in the weekly training group. I experienced no immediate results through the training but it felt good. The first weekend course was followed by several weekend courses, autumn courses and winter courses. Now I have also joined three summer courses. At times there is shorter breaks in the training. It often helps to join a weekend course and I find motivation and it reminds me that this is important and good for me. Nowadays I practice ½ to 1 hour a day.

Qigong Exercise gives good results

Qigong Exercise gives good results

After practicing regularly for some time, I suddenly realised that I had not had problems for a long time with my shoulders tears. I aslo had become calmer and had a better ability to handle stress. I could take it easy in difficult situations and instead of getting angry and nervous, I could focus on how I could best find a solution to the problem.
Short time after my diagnosis of bowel disease, I needed steroid tablets continuously or with only small cortisone-free breaks. After five years of training, I have managed to reverse the cycle and can handle, at times, extended periods without cortisone. I switched to part-time work in 2010 and because of this and my qigong training succeeded in reducing the stress levels in my life. I have been able to avoid surgery which feels incredible.

Recover faster from gallstone- and shoulder surgery

I underwent surgery four years ago for gallstones and two years ago for a major tendon rupture in the shoulder. Immediately after both operations I started practicing Hold Qi up, but not immediately with the operated arm. I just visualised that the arm did the movements. The healing process proceeded in both cases faster, especially after gallstone surgery, I needed no pain relief at all.

Qigong world have a central role

I practice qigong to feel better and to strengthen both body and mind. Qigong has become a part of me, and because of it my quality of life has greatly improved. I have also been able to continue my part-time work with no sick leave. It feels so good to be able to close your eyes, forget the surroundings and become engulfed by the calm and soothing "qigong world".

Annica Söderström