A lump beside Harrieths big toe suddenly disappeared

The lump disappeared

I attended my first weekend course in Zhineng Qigong in February this year. My little finger was red and swollen from psoriatic arthritis. After the lecture the swelling had decreased. My wrists are now more flexible.

This year I attended my first Summer Course without any great expectations.

Much happened during the course: For 30 – 35 years I have had a lump beside my big toe, by the root joint. Suddenly, during the course, the lump disappeared!

Can easily sit down on my haunches

I suffer from psoriasis arthritis. For ab. 20 years I was not able to squat because it was so diffucult to bend the knees. During the Summer Course – while I talked to a colleague, I sat down on my haunches - by her side – without thinking about it. I also can sit on the floor with straight knees now.

I was a bit worried about sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and stand up. I could manage that well. I did not need any help get up from the mattress.Harrieth

For a long time I have had problems with dry eyes, having to use a tear fluid. During the Summer Course I managed well without it.

Generally I do not feel like standing up early in the morning. Here I stand up at 5 am!

My body use to be very stiff when the weather is rainy and cold. I have been fine at the Summer Course – in spite of the weather conditions.

My husband is pleased

When I phoned my husband from the Summer Course I told him about the good results from the course. Then he exclaimed: It is not true! Sure – it is true, I said. He was so pleased to see the good results when I came home.

Can also lift heavy bags now

After the Summer Course I did much needlework; mostly crocheting. Before Zhineng Qigong it was hard for me to do that, - same thing for gardening: Now I can lift soil bags etc. without problems. My husband is very impressed!

Harrieth Svartnes