Elisabet is doing better despite her rheumatism

When I came to the summer course in Kvänum in 2008, I was in very bad shape with an incredible amount of pain; with a severe rheumatism and the complications of a serious whiplash injury. I suffered severe pain in my body, inflammation and strong fatigue. Since then I have gradually improved. By practising Zhineng Qigong I have strengthened myself both mentally and physically.

Stronger leg muscles

My legs are stronger. A few years ago I had to lie down a lot of the time on mattresses in the training hall when I was on the summer course. I needed help getting down on the mattress and to get up again. In order to even manage that, I had to have two mattresses stacked on top of each other. If there was no one around when I wanted to get up, I had to sit on the mattress and wait for someone to see me and pull me up from there. Suddenly, a couple of years ago, I noticed that I could get down on the mattress by myself. Then I noticed that I could get up myself. Today I manage with with just a blanket on the floor. I feel such a joy in being able to get down on the floor by myself. Before, when I was out walking, I used to think that if I fall now, I will not be able to get back up. I could only hope that there would be a branch or a tree that I could grab. It is so amazing and such a great freedom to be able to get off the ground without assistance.

Mentally more mature

I feel that I have, with the help of qigong, enhanced my positive way of looking at life. I also feel that my relationship with my children has been strengthened. I feel I have matured mentally and I get wiser. I think my morality has improved as well, although it may sound a bit boring, but I think I better know what is right and wrong.

I can highly recommend Zhineng Qigong and especially the summer course. It's so wonderful to join the summer course every year and meet all these amazing people, all old and new friends. It's such a wonderful community.