Markus' exciting journey

Through martial arts

I started with qi gong two years ago. I was learning kung fu and wanted to know more about the mental aspects, about qi. Through kung fu I learned that stillness was actually good, there was nothing chasing me. A former colleague had recommended Zhineng Qigong a few years earlier, so I tried a weekend class. It was nice - I thought of it more like physical training but there was a vague positive feeling apparent. So I kept it up, did some qigong every day for two years – starting the day with qigong was an excellent way to get the blood flowing, waking up and getting calmer. At the moment I don't do kung fu, instead I do crossfit, but I still do qigong every day. I think it is awesome building a strong body and mind at the same time. Daring but exciting!

Calm and relaxed in the qi-field

It is very much better to do qigong together in a group than alone, but you reach a whole new level at a summer course. When people said it, I could not believe it would be this good! Science really can't explain it all, some things you just have to accept. I felt the calm and peace as I arrived on the very first day, and ever since I have felt that way. It is a marvellous feeling, you are simply happy, walking on clouds, peacefully relaxed, you have time to think, and see yourself. I have started to follow my instincts, to trust them, in a way I never did before. And you can tell others experience the same, there is a tremendous harmony in the fellowship here.

Markus' exciting journey

Unexpected physical improvements

What happens in the body is fascinating. I thought I had a decently well trained and strong body, even though dependent on massage, but the shoulders were all wrong and I had blockages everywhere. The first thing that happened was the wrinkle between the eyebrows that disappeared. Then the shoulders relaxed and moved back, nicely. And then the chest got into place and the ribs that had been slightly miss-shaped straightened out. Muscles relaxed, the whole body got soft, the feet not the least. My lower back was hard as a rock but now that it softened up a few days ago the body feels more agile. The bags under my eyes are gone. On top of that my breast has opened up and instead of the lifeless, flat chest a participant noted starting the summer course, my lungs have gotten much more space and I have found a deep and firm bass voice that loves singing!

Also the head gets its share

But the most exciting part is the emotional things happening. Already on the first day a peace set in my mind and the consciousness was lifted, I saw myself and my actions clearly. My chest opening up, maybe it was my heart opening up? I dared to stand on the stage and read poems about the confused state that my addictive mind – that I until recently was unaware of – had gotten me into. An addictive mind that had made all attempts at deeper relationships impossible. To learn how to live with this will be tough and the peace I get through qigong will really be needed, just like the dear and warm family I have found here.

The qigong came into my life at the right time. You need less sleep when practising qigong, so there will be room for this amazing wonder cure of happiness from inside. It will be exciting to see what will happen on this journey I just started.

Markus Auvinen