Petra's fibromyalgia improves

I've always been the kind of person having a lot of things to do and I've also made a lot of sports; spinning, gym, running, like everybody does. But one day I couldn't do it anymore. It came to an end. I almost hit the wall and I wasn't able to train anymore.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Then I discovered yoga and that gave me both physical and mental training, but over the years the pain in my body increased and I didn't understand why. No matter what I did the pain got worse. Finally I couldn't do yoga either. Last year, after three years of pain, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Tried a lot

Anyhow I had understood that moving was good for me but I hadn't found out which movements were good for me. I tried a lot; mindfulness, pool training, pain school, relaxation, rehabilitation – but none of them had a long-term positive effect.

Googled fibromyalgia

Reading about qigong in a paper made me curious and I googled "qigong and fibromyalgia". Then I found one of the personal stories at this website. I read it and also some other stories and after that I decided to attend a basic course.

Petra's fibromyalgia improves The atmosphere at the course was very nice and it felt good. When I came home Sunday evening I was surprised that I had so much energy. I had more energy than I've had for days and years. I was euphoric! My mother and her husband visited me and asked smiling what was wrong with me. I felt like I was floating on clouds. My body was still in pain but now I was in pain with a smile.

I quickly decided to attend the summer course and that is something that I haven't regretted. The training has opened up my body and my hard shell has started to disappear. The pain in my thumb that I've had for several years has disappeared completely.

At the summer course I neither took painkillers nor sleeping pills. I've had sleeping problems for many years. I usually sleep poorly and I wake up easily but at the course I slept very well. One evening I fell asleep after the evening training and woke up at five in the morning without waking up a single time during the night. It was fantastic!

Fast results

The training makes me happy and it makes me glad to be able to rule my body. Qigong is a wonderful way to move and at the same time get fast improvements – both physically and mentally. I never thought the results would come this fast. Best of all is that I can practice every day and almost at any place! Qigong makes me feel safe and calm. My body has turned so soft, flexible and happy. I can't remember the last time I felt like that!

Want to cartwheel

I feel like I'm 11 years old and I want to cartwheels on the lawn. I got my life back!

Petra Bäcklin