Ulla got her back into shape with the help of qigong

Handicapping herniated disc

My back started to act up over 20 years ago, that was before I had my third child. I had a slipped disc and hernia formation. Sometimes I could not sit for months and I was twice on a long-term sick leave. In the early 1990s, I had a business trip of 40 kilometers, but I could not drive because my back ached so much. Instead I had to be driven and I had to lie down in the back seat. I was dependent on others' help in many situations, for example to lift or move things. For many years the right side was numb all the way down to my toes.

Tested a lot

My sister dragged me to my first weekend course in Hold Qi Up. She had practised qigong for a long time. Personally, I had become so used to the pain and disability that I thought it was part of my life. I had tried all sorts of things, such as specialized doctors and physiotherapy. About five years ago I got a referral to an operation. I was on sick leave throughout the whole autumn and it was planned that I was to undergo surgery in december. But then I got a new doctor who felt that surgery would not help. It was confirmed by a third orthopedic surgeon at a private hospital that performed advanced spine surgeries. Instead, I was prescribed medicine and pilates, which I practised for about a year. Then I abandoned it because some movements seemed to make me worse. My right side got numb if I did not do the movements just right.

During the summer course, I thought for the first time that I could recover completely

There were a few years in between my first and second qigong course and it was only after the second that I started practising regularly. I learned the movements better and noticed that they helped. Last year I went to my first summer course and that course was of great importance to me. It was then I thought for the first time that I could recover.Ulla got her back into shape with the help of qigong

Today I live a normal life

Today I live a normal life. I am no longer dependent on the help from others. I can do all the housework myself, vacuuming, carpet beating, mowing the lawn. Last year I could not sit on the floor during the summer course, but this year there has not been a problem. I drove here by car, 400 kilometers. A week earlier, I drove 600 kilometers in one stretch which was previously unthinkable.

Less stress, better sleep

Qigong also helps against stress. I sleep better and feel better in every way. I work as a teacher and although I like teaching, it takes its toll. I used to be exhausted when the school year was over. Now I'm no longer a wreck in early summer and more and more colleagues and friends are becoming interested in qigong when they see my improvement.

Ulla Koiranen