The calcium lump in Annika's shoulder disappeared

Could not lift arm due to calcium lump

I am pregnant with two weeks until my due date. After having experienced something that feels like a miracle, I would like to tell you about it. I have had incredible pain in my shoulder for a few weeks. During both the basic course in Shenxin Qigong some two weeks ago and the Hold Qi Up 2 course last weekend, my right arm looked like a crooked chicken wing since I could not lift or twist it, partly because of the pain but also because I just physically could not. Yesterday morning I woke up with my shoulder aching more than ever before. In the morning my doctor called me with the news that the reason for my problem is that I have a 1.8 cm large calcium lump in the shoulder that prevents the tendons from moving freely. She suggested that I would go for an MRI after my baby has been born, where they would also try to burst the lump with a needle.

The calcium lump in Annika's shoulder disappeared

The arm completely healed

Last night when I practised qigong, I thought it was unusually easy to lift up the arm to the height of the navel ... and then on to the next level of the exercise. After doing one session of Hold Qi Up, I could simply conclude that the pain had disappeared completely! This morning when I went to the physiotherapist, to whom the doctor had referred me, I could only apologise for the time I wasted. I told her that I practise qigong, and that I think it could be the reason for my recovery. The therapist said that she definitely wants to attend a qigong course.

This feels incredible, and I am once again so happy to have found Zhineng Qigong!

Annika Dahlbäck