Zhineng Qigong helped Åsa with her migraine

I attended my first qigong course in the fall of 2010 because a friend told me that many people are cured of their migraine just by practicing qigong.

Migraines since the age of 6

I've had migraines since I was 6, but it was never as difficult as it was around the spring of 2010. Previously I had been able to live a reasonably normal life, but in 2004 after I had my child, it had gradually become more and more unmanageable. When it was at its worst, I could not sleep too little or too much without getting a headache. I could not exercise or exert myself too much physically without feeling that a migraine attack was coming on. Any form of stress would also, of course, give me headache attacks. Apart from the frequent migraines I also suffered from constant headaches due to tension. To top it all off, I often had pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders, which had not improved as my job involves a lot of computer work.

Zhineng Qigong helped Åsa with her migraine

Softer after the first course and pollen allergy disappeared

When I in October 2010 attended my first course in qigong, I was pretty desperate and dead tired of the constant pain. Already after the first basic course, I noticed that my neck, shoulders and back felt softer. I felt that qigong made me calmer and my daily tension headaches were a little better. I started to practise qigong every day and join our practice group in Turku and I noticed that my migraine attacks started to come less often and that they were not as intense as before. In the spring of 2011, I participated in a few weekend courses including a Hold qi up 2 and a Shenxin course. After each course I attended, I could feel how my body and my headache problems improved. When summer came, I discovered that my pollen allergy had disappeared.

Migraine improved in the summer course and better eye-sight

When I arrived at the summer course in 2011, I was absolutely sure that I would have to lie in bed many days with migraines since I realized I could not sleep exactly as many hours as I used to do at home to avoid an attack. But that did not happen. At the beginning of the course, I had migraines for the first three nights, but after that, the migraine was completely gone. Sometimes I felt a little headache in the morning but when teaching started it disappeared altogether. I attended both Level 1 and Level 2 of this year's summer course, and could see major changes in my shoulders, back and neck. My lower back is currently much better than it has been for many years and it has never been so soft. On top of all this, my vision also changed for the better. Before the summer course, I needed to wear my glasses daily - both for reading and for everyday needs. I could for example not read street signs. Now I can even go to the store or make phone calls on my cell phone without them. Now after the summer course, I use my glasses when I read but I can do without them to a much greater extent than before. My migraine is now much better than it was before the summer course and I have started to do such things again, which definitely would have given me a migraine attack before.

For me the summer course is an experience that was characterized by a complete freedom from pain and I felt both my body and my mind were filled with energy. I want to thank everyone who was there for a nice summer course!

Åsa Slotte

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