The whole family goes to the summercourse

The whole family likes the summer courses and welcomes each others' improvements

The family consists of Ildiko and Anders, the kids Mathias, Sara and their younger brother Anton. In this story they tell us what they have got from the training.

Ildiko got an unexpected improvement in her injured knee

- I started practising qigong by coincidence 10 years ago. I didn't even think of the possibility that my knee would get better. I had an old sports injury and my doctor have told me that it couldn't get any better and I had accepted that as a fact. My life was very good anyway, and I enjoyed qigong. As a mother of young kids it was a way to relax. Anyhow, I only trained sporadically at that time.

But at my first summer course I got a taste for training more qigong. During an arm training session a warm wave was flowing through my left leg. The circulation started and after the training I noted that the leg was straighter and the knee was more flexible! The unexpected result made me so happy and the happiness and determination made me practise more, more regularly and every day.

The whole family goes to the summercourse The following summer I went to the summer course with a slight tingling feeling in my stomach. What if something more was about to happen? But I didn't even dare to hope. I just practised with happiness. Now things really started to happen. My gastritis disappeared. The knee got more flexible and I could bend the knee enough to do dunqiang. The happiness I got from being able to do dunqiang followed me home and encouraged me to practsce even more, every day, both in the morning and evening. The more I practised the better my knee and health got.

That autumn I got the strength to make a conclusion and to start a new life. With qigong my crisis was transformed into a possibility for development.

I've come to know my body more and more. Earlier I just used my body. What I like about qigong is that you don't need an expensive card at the gym, no special clothes, you don't have to be punctual, you can practice at home whenever you want to without a baby sitter. Qigong is really something for everybody and the only thing that limits you is your own will.

We've always been a family with good cohesion but still it's nice and exciting to be here at the summer course together and see everybody's improvements, says Ildiko.

Anders back pain disappeared at the course

-I appreciate being here at the course and I like to practice very much. I see it as a challenge and I notice that I've become much more agile in my body. About three years ago I started with qigong. I had pain in my back when I came here but it has disappeared now, says Anders.

Handle difficulties with calmness

The family says that it's interesting to see how you can handle difficulties and challenges in life. - We have got a baby, sold a house and built a house in a short period of time. You can handle it by fighting with each other or you can complement each other, strengthen each other and solve the situations with calmness. I think we have managed, says Ildiko.

Clearer in the head

Mathias has always been like a fish in the water and after the last summer course he turned into a dolphin. - Being at a course we can leave the everyday life at home and have fun. My body gets more agile and my head clearer from practicing qigong, Mathias says. - I play floorboll and that makes you stiff. Before I had problems bending my body but now I can, says Sara. - An interesting thing was when I was heavily pregnant and we had a party at work, playing boules. What a focus I had when I threw the bowl, says Ildiko.

Healthier kids

- We notice that our baby Anton is also energetic and happy and can handle this many people in a good way, which otherwise can be problematic for a baby. We get the harvest from the summer course in the autumn. After the course last summer the kids haven't been ill a single time, says Ildiko.

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