Beate needs less sleep

When I decided to go to the 9 days summercourse I just wanted to deepen my Qigong experiences and knowledge that I have made over the years in different places. I came with a pretty healthy body, stable and open mind and no big expectations. Feeling Qi, that I wanted to deepen.

Changes in the body

To my surprise I noticed changes in my body. I almost had forgotten a little arthritic development in my right wrist, I think I had compensated that with my left wrist. I could not put full weight on that wrist. And then I found that this blockade had disappeared, totally. A big surprise. I also noticed that when I sat down my hips opened very easily so my legs could flip down to the ground. That I never reached in Yoga exercises. All in all and day after day my body felt more and more soft, open and relaxed. Very comfortable.

Beate needs less sleep

High level of concentration

The simple to learn and at the same time intense exercises made it easy to get in contact with the Qi Field. So Qi could be built up to become stronger and stronger. That is how I felt, having more energy for the whole day with a high level of constant concentration.

Less sleep

Another and to me the biggest surprise was the fact that I needed 40% less sleep. I woke up before the alarm, battery full. A feeling I did not have in a very long time. An increase of life quality. And I wondered if it would be the same after I came back to Germany. Practising every day back home it is still on the same level, less sleep, soft body and better life quality.

Beate Blasius