Janna's Muscular Disease Is Improving

A Muscular Disease and a Tram Accident

When I was eighteen I was diagnosed with a muscular disease, Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy. The physicians told me it was probable that I would need a wheelchair by the age of thirty. On top of this I also suffered a severe accident a few years later. One late evening as I was getting on a tram, the tram left before I had boarded properly. My right foot was jammed in the tram doors and I was dragged behind the tram for about 100 meters, my head against the cobble stones. Fortunately two men saw me and pulled my foot loose of the door. All this happened without the tram ever stopping. After the accident I found it difficult to stay upright and I had to start using a cane when walking. I suddenly found my life to be uncertain and perilous. I could fall over practically at any time and I felt like the world around me turned into a long sequence of obstacles and difficulties.

Janna's Muscular Disease Is Improving

Good Results in the Summer Courses of 2010

I joined my first weekend course in the fall of 2009, after that I joined the Autumn Course in Finland the same year and the Summer Courses in Sweden in 2010. During the Summer Courses in Sweden I noticed major changes in my body. Ever since the tram accident, which happened about 15 years ago, my connection to my legs has been poor. My legs have been cold and I have had a lot of pain in my lumbar region. I have also often suffered from headaches and muscle cramps. During the Summer Courses the warmth returned to my legs, the pain in my lumbar region almost disappeared and I started feeling like a whole person again. I no longer felt like the different parts of my body were poorly fit and just glued together. I also gained better control over my legs and could bend my legs a little when walking. For many years I have walked with my legs straight like sticks, which has brought a lot of wear to my knees. For over ten years I have also had an inflammation in my wrists, which has hindered me from playing the piano. I'm a writer and I have had to save my hands for writing. During the second Summer Course I played the piano for a whole hour one evening and I could feel my hands just pulsating. Being able to make music again without pain and trouble felt just wonderful. After the Summer Courses I have had much more energy and the cramps as well as the recurring headaches have all but disappeared. The tinnitus that has ailed my ears also improved.

Continued progress during the winter course 2011

During the Winter Course 2011 my posture improved. I could both stand and walk more uprigth and with less of an unnatural curve in my lower back. The contact down to my legs laso improved and after the course the swelling in my legs had reduced considerably. All the old healthy bodymemories also awoke during this week and I started to remember what it feels like to "walk normally".

Zhineng Qigong Gives Hope of Recovery

For over ten years I have lived a healthy life and tried many different health tricks, I have meditated, received ayurvedic treatments and practised yoga. Sometimes I have felt a little better, but then my muscle tone has decreased again. I have certainly had some help from the different things I have tried, especially the ayurvedic treatments in India, but I have still felt like they have not really reached the core of my problems. For long I have had a feeling that there must be a way for me to recover completely. Through Zhineng Qigong I have found hope again.

Improved Life Quality by Practising Qigong

But the physical is not the only part that has been affected by Qigong. I notice many good changes also on the mental level. I feel calmer and more trusting and the fear I have often felt towards my circumstances is melting away. Today I practise daily and I notice that my job is easier when I practise Zhineng Qigong. I feel more focused when I sit down to write after I have practised and new ideas spring forth in a steady stream. The funny part is that Qigong seems to safely balance body and soul at a pace that is suitable. It also presents the opportunity to discover how we all really work on a deeper level, how the mind and body are really connected. This feels like an amazingly wonderful journey of discovery and I can warmly recommend this form of Qigong to each and everyone who want to improve their life quality.

Janna Thorström