Birgit's back pain has disappeared

My daughter Madeleine showed striking improvements in her clinical picture after she started to practice Zhineng Qigong and that made me attend my first course at 2004. I didn't have anything I wanted to fix at that moment, I went there by curiosity. I attended several basic courses and went to the group practise in Stockholm.

Now I wanted to attend the summer course.

After a while I felt that I wanted to attend the summer course and Madeleine thought it was great. She had joined several summer courses and knew how good it is. The first summer course was quite an experience when it comes to accommodation and a rather strict schedule for practise and meals. I did not have to worry about those things myself. That worked very well, actually, so I was determined to continue.

Back pain disappeared and greater understanding for peoples differences

During an accident last spring, I hurt my back. But with help from qigong, among other things, I could get better. Unfortunately I got worse again and this spring I got the diagnose spinal stenos, a stricture between the 4th and the 5th vertebra. The doctor said "If you need painkillers, you can get that, but otherwise there is no treatment". If the pain were to be severe, I could get an emergency operation. Then I thought "Never, I will fix this with qigong".

Birgit has got better understanding for other peoples differences Now I am sitting here at the end of the summer course and my back is quite good. It is really great now and it's so nice not to be in pain. Both this year and last summer I attended the course together with my daughter and my grand daughter Nora. Mentally I am a bit calmer and my understanding for other people differences has increased. Earlier I sometimes got nasty colds, but I haven't had one for many years now.

I sleep good after I practise

I can really recommend qigong to others. Can you believe that a person in my age – I'm retired – can get a softer body? Qigong is very peaceful and the feeling of community is very nice. I practise about one hour every evening and then I sleep well.

Madeleine and I use to practise together when we are at our country house. We have a terrace with a magnificent view. We use to stand there when there is no wind and the waves on the shore and the twittering of the birds are like music to our ears.

Birgit Grimhusen