Patrick's Scars Healed

I wanted to find a teacher in Qigong. One day I saw a poster where it said that there would be a basic course in Qigong in Norwich. I decided to attend that. Earlier I have practised different Qigong methods but stopped. Zhineng Qigong is, by the way, the first Qigong method I have stuck with and continued to practise daily.

Took Initiative to Arrange a Basic Course

A time after I attended my first course I moved to Cambridge. I really wanted to have the possibility to practise together with others in my new town. So on my initiative a course was arranged and after that we have had more.

Patrick's scars healed

Scars Healed and Skin Softened

Two years ago I attended my first Summer Course. At the end of the course red scars on my hands, that I have had since childhood healed and the skin got softer. The fat tissue refilled, the lines of the skin came back and the hair follicles returned. The armtraining, which at first felt very hard, turned to pleasure and my arms moved with no effort. My posture improved a lot.

Refreshed after Practising

Now I am here to do my second Summer Course. The irritability I had in the first course in the practising hall is not there this summer. I also have less tension while practising. Now I can sit upright unsupported for long periods comfortably.

I generally wake up feeling more refreshed if I practise Qigong before sleeping.

Patrick Baigent