Christoffer's neck and shoulders are better

At work, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. This has resulted in a very stiff neck and shoulders and a lot of pain. Last summer I was in such a bad shape that I could not sit for longer periods of time without the pain getting even worse. It was not very nice.

Recommended to try

My mother has practised Qigong for many years and she recommended that I try. I really did not have any picture of what it was, but I was willing to try. I had to do something to avoid being in pain all the time. Pain is really not that fun.

Christoffer's neck and shoulders are better Nearly a year ago I tried the movements a little when my mother practised at home and then I attended a weekend course. At first I could not even do the arm movements because I was so stiff. Since then I have attended some courses and I have diligently attended the weekly group practice. I have also practised at home every day. I have seen results in my neck. It has gradually improved. Even though it still is sensitive, it does not hurt nearly as much as before. Practising Qigong has also made me more aware of how I sit and stand when I work with my computer.

Hands and feet are warm

Another issue is that my hands and feet have always been cold. This is probably because my circulation is bad. Now my hands, feet and neck are almost always warm.

Even though I have always been a calm person, I think practising Qigong has made me even calmer. When something happens, it does not affect me as much and I do not take it that hard.

When my neck hurt, I went to a doctor and he thought I should see a physiotherapist but since this was during the summer, I ended up never going. And now I do not need it. Qigong has helped me gradually get better.

Christoffer Ståhlberg